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Tobacco Free Policy - UTDBP3089

Policy Statement

The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) is committed to promoting a healthier work, research, educational and living environment. In order to better accomplish this goal, as well as to ensure compliance with external cancer research grant requirements, including the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) regulations, the University prohibits tobacco product use as set forth below. Any advertising, sale, or free sampling of tobacco products on University property is prohibited. Improper disposal of and/or littering the campus with the remains of tobacco products or any other related waste product also is prohibited.

B. Scope

This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students and visitors of UT Dallas, University contractors, subcontractors and their respective employees; and individuals, including contractors and employees of any entity leasing UT Dallas property while on said property. This policy is applicable twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

C. Definitions

  1. Tobacco refers to all forms of tobacco products, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, water pipes (hookah), bidis, kreteks, electronic cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, snuff and chewing tobacco.
  2. Cancer Research Facility means any property in which cancer research funded by a grant, including CPRIT-funded research takes place. It includes immediately adjacent walkways, parking structures, parking lots and any outdoor area or green space to the extent that UT Dallas has the authority to control the rules governing said building, outdoor space, sidewalk, parking lots and parking structures. Cancer Research Facilities may expand or contract with the distribution of CPRIT funding or other cancer research funding.
  3. Property means all property, buildings and vehicles owned or leased by UT Dallas or the UT System on behalf of UT Dallas, including outdoor areas, green spaces, adjacent walkways, parking lots and parking structures, to the extent that UT Dallas has the authority to control the rules governing said property, outdoor space, buildings, sidewalks, parking lots and parking structures.

D. Policy

The use of tobacco is prohibited in/on:

  1. All Cancer Research Facilities (refer to section C. 2. for definition of "Cancer Research Facility");
  2. Any University owned or leased buildings or vehicles regardless of location, and within a distance of no less than 10 meters or 33 feet of any gate, entryway, arch, doorway, air intake or operable window.

E. Enforcement

Students, staff and faculty are empowered to respectfully and courteously inform others of this policy to enhance awareness and encourage compliance.

If direct appeal fails, policy violations may be referred to the Office of Administration, which will then refer the offending individual to the relevant office:

  1. The Office of Human Resources, when the concern is related to a staff member.
  2. The Office of the Dean of Students, when the concern is related to a student.
  3. The appropriate chair or dean, when the concern is related to a faculty member.
  4. The Office of Administration, when the concern is related to visitors.

Repeated violations of this policy may result in discipline as established by the disciplinary policy applicable to the individual violator.

F. Exceptions

Tobacco use may be permitted under the following circumstances:

  1. Sponsored research involving tobacco or tobacco products, provided the University employee obtains the prior approval of the Vice President for Research and a waiver is requested and granted in accordance with sponsored research requirements, if any. Smoke, like any other laboratory air contaminant, shall be controlled.
  2. By artists or actors who participate in University authorized performances that require smoking as part of the artistic production.
  3. Educational or clinical purposes with prior approval of the dean or director responsible for the facility or the Vice President for Research, and in the case of smoking, the University Fire Marshal.
  4. Other uses as approved by the Vice President for Administration, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis, with approval reserved for exceptional circumstances.

G. Education

The implementation of this policy is augmented by an awareness and education effort that includes:

  1. Notification to current and prospective students and employees of our Tobacco Free policy through University websites;
  2. Notification during the admission and enrollment process and/or during new hire orientation for faculty and staff, as applicable;
  3. Informational meetings, postings and electronic notifications;
  4. Notices bearing the message "Tobacco Free Building" or the international "No Tobacco" symbol or similar signage posted at building entrances. The Tobacco Free policy applies to all University buildings regardless of posted notices unless specified as an approved exception in Section F above.

H. Cessation

Tobacco cessation assistance will be made available to students, staff and faculty.

Policy History

  • Issued: 2007-07-20
  • Revised: 2010-05-26
  • Revised: 2013-11-18
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