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Presidents Outstanding Teaching Awards Committee - UTDPP1039

Policy Charge

Teaching Awards

Policy Statement

President's Outstanding Teaching Awards Committee is a Concurrent Action Committee of the Academic Senate of The University of Texas at Dallas. The Committee is charged to solicit, evaluate, select, and recommend a non-tenure track instructor for a President's Award, and a teaching assistant for a President's Award. Awards are accompanied by appropriate prizes.

Under the leadership of the Committee, the Office of Undergraduate Education solicits nominations for the teaching awards during each long semester of the academic year. Information supporting the nomination is acquired from nominators, faculty, students, administrators, teaching evaluations, and other sources sanctioned by the Committee. In the spring semester, the Committee selects its finalists, solicits further information, and recommends recipients to the President. The President announces the winners as part of the Honors Convocation for spring graduation. The Committee shall determine the timetable for nominations and selections with the goal of allowing consideration of classes taught in both the spring and fall semesters within a calendar year. The Office of Undergraduate Education is responsible for administrative support to the Committee and serves an archival function for Committee records.

The Committee is composed of five voting members and shall include the three previous tenured or tenure track award winners as well as the Dean of Undergraduate Education and the President of the Student Government, who serve as ex officio with vote. Members shall serve three-year terms and be replaced as new winners are announced. The Chair is the longest standing faculty member on the Committee. The President may reappoint members for additional terms upon nomination of the Academic Council. If a Committee vacancy occurs for any reason, the President, upon nomination of the Academic Council, shall appoint another eligible individual to serve the remainder of the unexpired term. No member of the Committee is eligible for the award while serving.

Annually, but no later than August 31, the Chair of the Committee will provide the Speaker of the Faculty with a written report for the Academic Senate of the Committee's activities for the prior academic year.

Policy History

  • Issued: 2000-12-15
  • Revised: 2006-04-18
  • Revised: 2016-04-12