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Handbook of Operating Procedures

Creating the HOP

The HOP committee facilitates the development, review, approval, and maintenance of University-wide policies by partnering with policy owners to create, revise, and distribute University-wide policies. Stakeholder input is needed during the development of a new policy or the revision of a policy to allow for appropriate review and advisory input. Only one version of a University-wide policy will exist. That version resides within the UT Dallas Policy Navigator: Handbook of Operating Procedures as the official policy page. Schools, departments, and units must reference a HOP policy on their school/department website by linking back to the policy that resides within the UT Dallas Policy Navigator website to avoid redundant, inconsistent, or outdated policy statements.

If you have questions about specific policies or interpretation of policy language, please contact the department responsible for that policy. If you have questions about the process of making amendments to policies, please contact the Policy Coordinator at policy.office@utdallas.edu.