UT Dallas Policy Navigator :: HOP Committee

2022-2023 Academic Year HOP Committee Membership

Office Represented Representative
Chair Timothy Shaw, Interim Policy Coordinator
Academic Senate Ravi Prakash, Speaker of the Faculty
Office of Legal Affairs Jenny Henry, Associate University Attorney
Office of the Provost Heather Burge, Associate Provost
Office of Research Sanaz Okhovat, Associate VP for Research
Office of the VP and Chief of Staff Marco Mendoza, Sr. Director and Title IX Coordinator
Office of the VP for Budget and Finance Leigh Hausman, Governance, Risk, and Compliance Manager
Office of the VP for Facilities & Economic Development Dee Lambert, Director of Administration & Operations
Office of the VP for Office of Information Technology Scott Simpson, Assistant Vice President
Office of the VP for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Raul Hinojosa, Assistant Vice President for Equity Policy, Education & Administration
Office of the VP for Student Affairs Amanda Smith Associate VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
RUO Rafael Martin, VP and Chief of Staff
Staff Council Jennifer Klunk, Staff Council President
Student Government Srivani Edupuganti, Student Government President
Graduate Student Assembly Megha Hooli, Graduate Student Assembly President