UT Dallas Policy Navigator :: Financials


UTDPP1015 Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee 2019-02-19
UTDPP1040 Continuing and Extended Education Activities 2016-10-25
UTDPP1071 Policy and Procedures Regarding Payments to Persons Who Are Not UT Dallas Employees 2019-02-19
UTDPP1084 Senate Advisory Committee on the University Budget 2024-06-03
UTDPP1104 Scholarships Fellowships and Other Appointments and Monetary Awards to Students 2020-06-09
UTDBP3033 Internal Service Providers 2019-07-23
UTDBP3035 Credit Card Acceptance Policy 2020-03-03
UTDBP3037 Policy on Identity Theft Prevention Detection and Mitigation Program 2018-05-11
UTDBP3040 Payment Acceptance Policy 2022-12-14
UTDBP3057 Purchasing Policies 2020-08-28
UTDBP3063 Bookstore 2022-09-09
UTDBP3064 Food Services 2011-09-15
UTDBP3094 Entertainment and Official Occasions 2021-05-18
UTDBP3097 Expenditure of Funds 2020-06-15
UTDBP3098 Relocation Expenses 2020-07-15
UTDBP3099 Signature Authority 2020-06-15
UTDBP3101 Contract Administration 2016-10-18
UTDBP3104 Travel Expenses 2016-03-14
UTDBP3108 Agency Funds 2017-11-09
UTDBP3113 Accounts Receivable 2022-12-01
UTDBP3114 External Sales 2019-07-22
UTDBP3115 Receiving, Distribution and Property Control 2021-05-05
UTDBP3116 Transfer of University Resources 2021-06-07
UTDBP3117 Awards and Gifts 2021-12-14
UTDBP3119 Policy on Use of University Funds for Parking 2023-07-28