UT Dallas Policy Navigator :: Academic/Faculty


UTDPP1000 Academic Program Abandonment Policy 2016-06-05
UTDPP1002 Intellectual Property Policy 2016-11-11
UTDPP1004 Work Toward An Advanced Degree by Faculty Members 2011-04-27
UTDPP1005 Textbooks and Other Materials Prescribed for the Use of Students 2017-01-26
UTDPP1006 Teaching Evaluation Policy 2022-10-19
UTDPP1007 Bylaws of the Academic Senate of The University of Texas at Dallas 2020-04-22
UTDPP1008 Council for Undergraduate Education 2018-05-04
UTDPP1011 Academic Calendar Committee 2021-03-24
UTDPP1012 Committee on Academic Integrity 2024-06-03
UTDPP1013 Academic Program Review 2022-10-19
UTDPP1018 Committee on the Core Curriculum 2004-06-03
UTDPP1019 Committee on Committees 2020-07-02
UTDPP1020 Commencement Committee 2018-12-05
UTDPP1021 Committee on Distance Learning 2024-06-03
UTDPP1023 Committee on Educational Policy 2021-04-05
UTDPP1024 Committee on Effective Teaching 2023-02-06
UTDPP1026 Committee on Faculty Mentoring 2024-06-10
UTDPP1027 Committee on Faculty Standing and Conduct 2016-11-18
UTDPP1028 Committee on Educational Technology 2024-06-03
UTDPP1031 Committee on Qualifications of Academic Personnel 2016-01-07
UTDPP1038 Committee on Student Scholarships 2024-04-19
UTDPP1039 Presidents Outstanding Teaching Awards Committee 2017-04-26
UTDPP1040 Continuing and Extended Education Activities 2016-10-25
UTDPP1043 Policy Regarding Photocopying Copyrighted Materials 2012-03-07
UTDPP1044 Policy for the Administration of Courses Offered in Shortened Format 2017-01-26
UTDPP1046 Emeritus Titles Perquisites and Privileges of Emeritus Title Holders 2022-07-13
UTDPP1047 Evaluation of Academic Administrators 2024-04-19
UTDPP1049 University Policy on Faculty Conduct 2015-06-05
UTDPP1051 Faculty Leaves of Absence Without Pay 2017-01-26
UTDPP1052 Policy on Procedures for Completing a Graduate Degree 2023-10-20
UTDPP1053 Council on Graduate Education 2016-12-14
UTDPP1055 Hearing Tribunal Selection Procedures 2019-08-01
UTDPP1057 General Standards and Procedures Initial Appointments to the Ranks of Instructor Assistant Professor Associate Professor and Professor 2016-09-13
UTDPP1059 Policy on Merit Salary Increases for Faculty 2011-04-27
UTDPP1060 Faculty Workload and Reporting Requirements 2019-01-11
UTDPP1061 Hiring and Evaluation Procedures for Nontenure-System Faculty 2019-07-23
UTDPP1062 General Standards and Procedures for Review of Nontenure-System Faculty 2019-07-23
UTDPP1063 Part-Time Workload Assignments 2016-11-11
UTDPP1064 Procedures Governing Periodic Performance Evaluation of Tenured Faculty 2016-11-11
UTDPP1067 Registration of Faculty and Staff Organizations 2011-04-27
UTDPP1068 Research Faculty 2016-10-05
UTDPP1074 Policy and Procedures for Student Evaluations of Teaching 2011-04-27
UTDPP1075 University Policies Related to Graduate Assistants Teaching Assistants Teaching Associates and Student Research Assistants 2021-04-05
UTDPP1076 Library Committee 2024-06-03
UTDPP1077 General Standards and Procedures Faculty Promotion Reappointment and Tenure 2016-11-11
UTDPP1083 Intellectual Property Advisory Committee 2024-06-03
UTDPP1084 Senate Advisory Committee on the University Budget 2024-06-03
UTDPP1088 Faculty Governance 2020-04-22
UTDPP1089 Annual Review of Faculty 2018-12-05
UTDPP1090 Semester Credit Hour Value 2014-01-21
UTDPP1092 International Oversight Committee 2024-06-03
UTDPP1094 UT Dallas Substantive Change Policy 2021-12-14
UTDPP1095 Official Academic Transcript Notation 2023-02-28
UTDPP1098 University Assessment Committee 2024-06-03
UTDPP1104 Scholarships Fellowships and Other Appointments and Monetary Awards to Students 2020-06-09
UTDPP1107 International Education Development Committee 2023-11-28
UTDPP1108 International Travel Policy 2018-06-01
UTDPP1109 Teaching Relief Program for Faculty 2018-09-26
UTDPP1111 Syllabus Policy 2019-07-23
UTDPP1112 Faculty Absences Impacting Teaching Responsibilities 2020-02-03
UTDPP1113 Student Location Policy 2020-06-30
UTDPP1115 University Records Regarding Student Identity 2024-06-10
UTDPP1116 Committee on Student Technology Requirements 2021-05-11
UTDPP1118 Endowed Chairs, Professorships, and Fellowships 2022-09-09
UTDPP1119 Involuntary Withdrawal 2022-09-09
UTDPP1120 Academic Credentials Policy - Micro-credentials, Certificates, Digital Badges, and Recognition of Completion 2023-02-06
UTDPP1121 Academic Freedom 2023-02-06
UTDBP3115 Receiving, Distribution and Property Control 2021-05-05
UTDBP3116 Transfer of University Resources 2021-06-07
UTDBP3121 Student Pregnancy and Parenting Nondiscrimination Policy 2024-04-01