UT Dallas Policy Navigator :: Academic/Faculty


Policy Number Policy Title
UTDPP1000 Academic Program Abandonment Policy
UTDPP1001 Academic Certificate Programs
UTDPP1002 Intellectual Property Policy
UTDPP1004 Work Toward An Advanced Degree by Faculty Members
UTDPP1005 Textbooks and Other Materials Prescribed for the Use of Students
UTDPP1006 Teaching Evaluation Policy
UTDPP1007 Bylaws of the Academic Senate of The University of Texas at Dallas
UTDPP1008 Council for Undergraduate Education
UTDPP1011 Academic Calendar Committee
UTDPP1012 Committee on Academic Integrity
UTDPP1013 Academic Program Review
UTDPP1018 Committee on the Core Curriculum
UTDPP1019 Committee on Committees
UTDPP1020 Commencement Committee
UTDPP1021 Committee on Distance Learning
UTDPP1023 Committee on Educational Policy
UTDPP1024 Committee on Effective Teaching
UTDPP1026 Committee on Faculty Mentoring
UTDPP1027 Committee on Faculty Standing and Conduct
UTDPP1028 Committee on Educational Technology
UTDPP1031 Committee on Qualifications of Academic Personnel
UTDPP1038 Committee on Student Scholarships
UTDPP1039 Presidents Outstanding Teaching Awards Committee
UTDPP1040 Continuing and Extended Education Activities
UTDPP1043 Policy Regarding Photocopying Copyrighted Materials
UTDPP1044 Policy for the Administration of Courses Offered in Shortened Format
UTDPP1046 Emeritus Titles Perquisites and Privileges of Emeritus Title Holders
UTDPP1047 Evaluation of Academic Administrators
UTDPP1049 University Policy on Faculty Conduct
UTDPP1051 Faculty Leaves of Absence Without Pay
UTDPP1052 Policy on Procedures for Completing a Graduate Degree
UTDPP1053 Council on Graduate Education
UTDPP1055 Hearing Tribunal Selection Procedures
UTDPP1057 General Standards and Procedures Initial Appointments to the Ranks of Instructor Assistant Professor Associate Professor and Professor
UTDPP1059 Policy on Merit Salary Increases for Faculty
UTDPP1060 Faculty Workload and Reporting Requirements
UTDPP1061 Hiring and Evaluation Procedures for Nontenure-System Faculty
UTDPP1062 General Standards and Procedures for Review of Nontenure-System Faculty
UTDPP1063 Part-Time Workload Assignments
UTDPP1064 Procedures Governing Periodic Performance Evaluation of Tenured Faculty
UTDPP1067 Registration of Faculty and Staff Organizations
UTDPP1068 Research Faculty
UTDPP1074 Policy and Procedures for Student Evaluations of Teaching
UTDPP1075 University Policies Related to Graduate Assistants Teaching Assistants Teaching Associates and Student Research Assistants
UTDPP1076 Library Committee
UTDPP1077 General Standards and Procedures Faculty Promotion Reappointment and Tenure
UTDPP1083 Intellectual Property Advisory Committee
UTDPP1084 Senate Advisory Committee on the University Budget
UTDPP1088 Faculty Governance
UTDPP1089 Annual Review of Faculty
UTDPP1090 Semester Credit Hour Value
UTDPP1092 International Oversight Committee
UTDPP1094 UT Dallas Substantive Change Policy
UTDPP1095 Official Academic Transcript Notation
UTDPP1098 University Assessment Committee
UTDPP1104 Scholarships Fellowships and Other Appointments and Monetary Awards to Students
UTDPP1107 International Education Development Committee
UTDPP1108 International Travel Policy
UTDPP1109 Teaching Relief Program for Faculty
UTDPP1111 Syllabus Policy
UTDPP1112 Faculty Absences Impacting Teaching Responsibilities
UTDPP1113 Student Location Policy
UTDPP1115 University Records Regarding Student Identity
UTDPP1116 Committee on Student Technology Requirements
UTDBP3115 Receiving, Distribution and Property Control
UTDBP3116 Transfer of University Resources