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Semester Credit Hour Value - UTDPP1090

Policy Statement

Each course has a specific semester credit hours value, in accordance with Coordinating Board Rules (Title 19, Texas Administrative Code, sec. 4.6). One semester credit hour indicates an hour of instruction and at least two hours of study time per week per credit in a session or semester. For example, a typical lecture course in a 15 week semester is assigned a value of three semester credit hours. The three semester credit hours represent receiving instruction three hours a week, resulting in 45 contact hours and 6 additional hours a week of student preparation including homework.

Factors in determination of the semester credit hour values such as the type of course (for example, laboratory, internship, studio, seminar, etc.) may require proportional adjustment. Courses offered in shortened sessions or semesters are expected to maintain the same number of contact hours.

Semester credit hours for each course are indicated in the academic catalogs or in the schedule of classes for a given term. In the catalog, the hours are shown in parentheses immediately after the course title in each course listing. The number of semester credit hours will be granted upon successful completion.

Policy History

  • Issued: 2014-01-21