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General Administration

UTDPP1011 Academic Calendar Committee 2021-03-24
UTDPP1015 Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee 2019-02-19
UTDPP1019 Committee on Committees 2020-07-02
UTDPP1022 IDEA Committee 2022-10-19
UTDPP1048 University Policies for Reservation and Use of Facilities 2011-04-27
UTDPP1056 Handbook of Operating Procedures HOP Amendment Approval Process 2021-02-03
UTDPP1067 Registration of Faculty and Staff Organizations 2011-04-27
UTDPP1072 Consultation in the Selection of Certain Key Administrative Officials 2018-12-05
UTDPP1073 Bylaws of the Staff Council of The University of Texas at Dallas 2023-10-25
UTDPP1075 University Policies Related to Graduate Assistants Teaching Assistants Teaching Associates and Student Research Assistants 2021-04-05
UTDPP1078 University Sustainability Committee Charge 2021-05-20
UTDPP1092 International Oversight Committee 2020-08-28
UTDPP1096 Governance Administration and Mission 2022-07-27
UTDPP1100 Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment 2016-06-07
UTDPP1101 Outside Activity Policy Executive Officers and Employees Involved in Procurement Activities or Contract Management 2016-06-07
UTDPP1102 Outside Activity Policy for All Employees Excluding Executive Officers and Employees Involved in Procurement Activities or Contract Management 2016-06-07
UTDPP1105 Special Use Facilities 2017-08-03
UTDPP1108 International Travel Policy 2018-06-01
UTDPP1110 Institutional Conflicts of Interest 2019-01-31
UTDBP3001 Records Management and Retention 2019-10-14
UTDBP3002 Requests for Records 2011-03-30
UTDBP3003 External Non-Profit Corporations 2011-03-30
UTDBP3004 Gifts and Grants from Private Philanthropic Sources 2019-02-19
UTDBP3013 Sustainability Policy 2011-03-30
UTDBP3034 University Endowment Policy 2017-10-24
UTDBP3037 Policy on Identity Theft Prevention Detection and Mitigation Program 2018-05-11
UTDBP3063 Bookstore 2022-09-09
UTDBP3064 Food Services 2011-09-15
UTDBP3090 Nondiscrimination 2024-01-23
UTDBP3093 HIPAA Privacy Breach Notification Policy 2019-10-29
UTDBP3102 Sexual Misconduct Policy 2022-11-08
UTDBP3109 Campus Accessibility Committee 2024-03-25
UTDBP3112 Clery Act Compliance Policy 2019-01-11
UTDBP3115 Receiving, Distribution and Property Control 2021-05-05
UTDBP3116 Transfer of University Resources 2021-06-07
UTDBP3121 Student Pregnancy and Parenting Nondiscrimination Policy 2024-04-01
UTDSP5000 Use of Residential Conference Centers 2011-04-25
UTDSP5001 Speech Expression and Assembly 2020-05-11