UT Dallas Policy Navigator :: General Administration

General Administration

Policy Number Policy Title
UTDPP1011 Academic Calendar Committee
UTDPP1015 Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee
UTDPP1019 Committee on Committees
UTDPP1022 Committee for the Support of Diversity and Equity
UTDPP1048 University Policies for Reservation and Use of Facilities
UTDPP1056 Handbook of Operating Procedures HOP Amendment Approval Process
UTDPP1067 Registration of Faculty and Staff Organizations
UTDPP1072 Consultation in the Selection of Certain Key Administrative Officials
UTDPP1075 University Policies Related to Graduate Assistants Teaching Assistants Teaching Associates and Student Research Assistants
UTDPP1078 University Sustainability Committee Charge
UTDPP1092 International Oversight Committee
UTDPP1096 Governance Administration and Mission
UTDPP1100 Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment
UTDPP1105 Special Use Facilities
UTDPP1108 International Travel Policy
UTDPP1110 Institutional Conflicts of Interest
UTDBP3001 Records Management and Retention
UTDBP3002 Requests for Records
UTDBP3003 External Non-Profit Corporations
UTDBP3004 Gifts and Grants from Private Philanthropic Sources
UTDBP3013 Sustainability Policy
UTDBP3034 University Endowment Policy
UTDBP3037 Policy on Identity Theft Prevention Detection and Mitigation Program
UTDBP3063 Bookstore
UTDBP3064 Food Services
UTDBP3090 Nondiscrimination
UTDBP3093 HIPAA Privacy Breach Notification Policy
UTDBP3102 Sexual Misconduct Policy
UTDBP3109 Campus Accessibility Committee
UTDBP3112 Clery Act Compliance Policy
UTDBP3115 Receiving, Distribution and Property Control
UTDSP5000 Use of Residential Conference Centers
UTDSP5001 Speech Expression and Assembly
UTDBP3116 Transfer of University Resources