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Special Use Facilities - UTDPP1105

Policy Statement

Acting pursuant to the general authority of Texas Education Code Chapter 65 and the specific authority of Texas Education Code Chapter 51, the Board of Regents adopts and promulgates rules and regulations relating to the use of buildings, grounds and facilities for purposes other than programs and activities related to the role and mission of the U. T. System or U. T. Dallas. No person or organization may use a University facility for any purpose other than in the course of the regular mission of the U. T. System or U. T. Dallas, unless authorized by the Regents' Rules. Any authorized use must be conducted in compliance with the provisions of the Regents' Rules, the approved rules and regulations of U. T. Dallas, and applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

The University permits the orderly use of its buildings, facilities, or grounds as provided in this policy to further the educational process. The University does not endorse any statement or activity that does not represent official University action.

Reservation of a University Facility

Academic and administrative units, and registered student, faculty, and staff organizations may reserve the use of a university facility for purposes permitted by the Regents' Rules. Rules specific to UT Dallas facilities are presented in UTDPP1048: University Policies for Reservation and Use of Facilities.

Identification Required

Any person who refuses to identify himself or herself in accordance with this Subsection may be convicted of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not more than $200.

Any student, faculty, or staff who refuses to identify himself or herself in accordance with this Subsection is subject to disciplinary action, including expulsion from the University in the case of a student. Any person shall identify himself or herself when requested by an institutional representative while on any property or in any building owned or controlled by the University or the University of Texas System. A person identifies himself or herself by:

  1. giving his or her name and complete address substantiated by a current driver's license, voter registration card, or other official documentation; and
  2. stating truthfully whether he or she is a student or employee of the University or University of Texas System.

An 'institutional representative' is:

  1. any regent, executive officer, administrative officer, attorney, peace officer or security officer of the University or the U. T. System.

Alcoholic Beverages

The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on property and in buildings and facilities owned or controlled by the University or the U. T. System. However, the chief administrative officer of the University or the U. T. System may waive this prohibition with respect to any specific event sponsored by the University or the U. T. System. For policy information concerning waivers and consumption, consult UTDBP3011: Alcoholic Beverages Policy.

The Use of Facilities for Weddings

The President of the University, or his or her delegate, may designate one or more indoor and/or outdoor areas that may be used for weddings, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Requests for use of such space must be made at least fourteen (14) days in advance;
  2. Use of such space for activities of the University shall have priority over weddings;
  3. A charge for the use of such space will be made that at least recovers the actual cost;
  4. The user shall be required to complete a Facilities Use Agreement and provide for adequate insurance.

Special Use Facilities

The Student Union, the Activity Center, the Student Services Building Addition, the Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center, the Edith O'Donnell Arts and Technology Building, the University Theatre, Jonsson Performance Hall, the McDermott Suite (MC 4.4), the Faculty/Staff Dining Room (DH 2.905 A/B), the Center for BrainHealth/ Brain Performance Institute, and the Center for Vital Longevity Boardroom have been designated as special use facilities and may be made available to non-university groups under the following provisions:

  1. Designation as a special use facility shall not constitute the facility as a public facility open to use by non-university persons, groups, associates, or corporations on a first-come, first-served basis;
  2. Priority in the reservation and use of the facility shall be given to activities and events sponsored by the University and are in furtherance of and related to the educational, cultural, recreational, and athletic programs of the University;
  3. As a lower priority, the facility may be made available to non-university individuals, groups, associates, or corporations without the necessity of joint sponsorship by the University. Non-university groups shall be charged for the use of the facility that will, at a minimum, insure recovery of that part of the operating cost of the facility, attributable directly or indirectly to such non-university use. If the non-university user charges those attending an event any admission or registration fee, or accepts donations from those in attendance, the University shall require the user to make a complete account of all funds collected and of the actual cost of the event. If the funds collected exceed the actual cost of the event, the user shall be required to remit such excess funds to the University as an additional charge for the use of the facility; and
  4. Subject to all constitutional and statutory provisions relating to the use of state property or funds for religious or political purposes, the facility may be made available for religious or political conferences or conventions.;
  5. Non-university users may rent space for display of advertising and the display of samples of merchandise in designated areas inside the facility. Space may be rented or sold on an electronic scoreboard or message center inside the Facility and on the Facility's outdoor electronic marquee or message center.

Advertising space may be sold on ticket envelopes for events sponsored by the Facility and in any publication of the Facility distributed in connection with a sponsored event or announcing future sponsored events.

Policy History

  • Issued: 2000-09-29
  • Revised: 2004-09-02
  • Revised: 2017-08-03