About UT Dallas Policy Navigator

This website, The University of Texas at Dallas Policy Navigator: Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP) contains official policies and procedures for the governance of UT Dallas. The policies constituting the HOP must not conflict with The University of Texas System Regents' Rules and Regulations. Schools, departments, and other university units may have additional policies specific to them and for which they are responsible for maintenance and communication. These specific unit policies must not conflict with university policies; however, they may be more restrictive and are adopted in accordance with unit procedures by the provost, a vice president, dean, director, unit supervisor, and/or designated university official, as applicable.

Additional academic policies and regulations are also published in the University's Online Catalogs.

If you have questions about specific policies or interpretation of policy language, please contact the department responsible for that policy. If you have questions about the process of making amendments to policies, please contact the Policy Coordinator at policy.office@utdallas.edu.