UT Dallas Policy Navigator :: Facilities and Auxiliary Services

Facilities and Auxiliary Services

Policy Number Policy Title
UTDPP1030 Committee on Parking and Transportation
UTDPP1048 University Policies for Reservation and Use of Facilities
UTDBP3061 Receiving and Shipping
UTDBP3062 Motor Vehicles
UTDBP3066 Property Administration
UTDBP3067 Receiving and Delivery
UTDBP3068 Shipping
UTDBP3069 Mail Services
UTDBP3073 Physical Plant General Purpose and Scope
UTDBP3075 Work Order System
UTDBP3076 Building Maintenance and Operations
UTDBP3077 Vehicle Maintenance
UTDBP3078 Roads and Ground Maintenance
UTDBP3079 Custodial Services
UTDBP3081 Utilities
UTDBP3110 Campus Facilities Committee
UTDSP5000 Use of Residential Conference Centers