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Mail Services - UTDBP3069

Policy Statement

Mail Services

  1. Purpose and Scope: University Mail Services is located on the Richardson Campus in the Service Building, Room 1.104. Mail Services provides the University with a comprehensive internal and external mailing and distribution system.

    One-stop mail boxes are strategically located on both UTD campuses where University and U.S. mail is delivered and picked up each morning and afternoon, Monday through Friday, holidays excepted.

  2. Callier Courier Service: The University operates a courier service between the main campus and the Callier Center for Communication Disorders on an interdepartmental basis daily. The courier leaves the mailroom at approximately 1:00 p.m. and will deliver to Callier all interdepartmental mail picked up on the early mail run. Mail to the Callier Center should include addressee’s full name and mail station.

    Inquiries should be directed to :

    Mail Services
    UTD/Richardson Campus, ext. 2319.

  3. Campus Mail: Campus mail is distributed by the University without the payment of postage and the use of this service is limited to:

    1. Budgeted units of the University in conducting official business;

    2. Registered faculty and staff who have been certified to use campus mail subject to the following restrictions:

      1. The use must be for a public purpose that is related to the educational mission of the University and must comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations and with the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents;

      2. Permissible use does not include:

        1. The solicitation of new members to an existing organization;
        2. Distribution of newsletters or other bulk mailing that are customarily mailed from state or national organizations;
        3. Advertising or endorsing commercial products or services or for other private gain purposes:
        4. Partisan political purposes;
        5. Religious purposes; or
        6. Purposes that are of a personal nature.

    The size of individual items shall comply with the dimensions currently permitted by the U.S. Postal Service. See instructions for large, bulk mailings under the Outgoing Mail section of this policy.

    An individual or organization shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action for the unauthorized use of campus mail, including the suspension or cancellation of the privilege to use campus mail. Items sent through campus mail may be opened and inspected to assure compliance with the restrictions on use of this services.

  4. Postal Service Mail:

    1. Incoming Mail: Incoming U.S. Mail addressed to the UTD/Richardson campus is picked up daily, Monday through Friday, holidays excepted, by Mail Services personnel at the Richardson Post Office. Mail Service sorts and distributes the mail to the appropriate mail stations.

      Incoming U.S. Mail addressed to the UTD/Callier Center campus is delivered daily, Monday through Friday, holidays excepted, to the Callier Center by the Dallas Airlawn Post Office. Callier Center mail is sorted and placed in mail receptacles located in the Callier Center Mail Room.

    2. Outgoing Mail: Official UTD/Richardson mail is processed with appropriated postage by Mail Services. Outgoing mail is delivered once daily, Monday through Friday, holidays excepted, to the Richardson Post Office. NOTE: Mail that must be posted, but is not ready prior to the last pickup for the day will have to be delivered by the department to Mail Services by 4:00 p.m. to ensure that it will go to the U.S. Post Office the same day.

      Official UTD/Callier Center mail is processed with appropriate postage by the UTD Mail Services.

      Certified, insured, and registered mail and other postal services are available at Mail Services, SB1.104, for University-related business charged to authorized UTD accounts.

      Third Class bulk mailings are processed through UTD Mail Services. For information about additional bulk mailing services consult this policy.

      Pursuant to Section 38, Article IX, H.B. 1, 75th Legislative Regular Session, except in connection with reimbursements to any authorized petty cash account or reimbursements to state employees for emergency purchases of postage or emergency payments of post office box rent, state funds may be expended for purchasing postage only from, or paying post office box rent only to, the United States Postal Service.

      The University has mailing equipment and facilities capable of affixing postage on official outgoing mail and parcels. All UTD departments and functions are urged to use this service.

    3. University Mail System for Personal Use Prohibited:

      Use of state postage meters or non-postage mail delivery systems which are operated with state funds for any purpose other than official state or University business is a violation of Sections 51 and 52 or Article III of the Texas Constitution. Therefore, use of The University of Texas at Dallas mail system for personal mail is prohibited.

Policy History

  • Issued: 1997-10-20