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UT Dallas Policies

Policy Number Policy Title
UTDBP3000 Criminal Background Checks Policy
UTDBP3001 Records Management and Retention
UTDBP3002 Requests for Records
UTDBP3003 External Non-Profit Corporations
UTDBP3004 Gifts and Grants from Private Philanthropic Sources
UTDBP3005 Campus Network Connection Policy
UTDBP3008 Cellular Communications Equipment Policy
UTDBP3011 Alcoholic Beverages Policy
UTDBP3013 Sustainability Policy
UTDBP3023 Travel and Risk Related Activities
UTDBP3033 Internal Service Providers
UTDBP3034 University Endowment Policy
UTDBP3035 Credit Card Acceptance Policy
UTDBP3036 Policy on Payment of Research Subjects
UTDBP3037 Policy on Identity Theft Prevention Detection and Mitigation Program
UTDBP3040 Payment Acceptance Policy
UTDBP3044 Human Resources Office Section
UTDBP3047 Termination Section
UTDBP3048 University Human Resources Policies Section
UTDBP3049 Employment Section
UTDBP3050 Appointments Section
UTDBP3051 Pay Administration
UTDBP3054 Leaves of Absence
UTDBP3055 Training Section
UTDBP3056 Discipline Dismissal and Grievances Section
UTDBP3057 Purchasing Policies
UTDBP3062 Motor Vehicles
UTDBP3063 Bookstore
UTDBP3064 Food Services
UTDBP3066 Property Administration
UTDBP3069 Mail Services
UTDBP3073 Physical Plant General Purpose and Scope
UTDBP3074 Naming of Buildings and Facilities
UTDBP3075 Work Order System
UTDBP3076 Building Maintenance and Operations
UTDBP3077 Vehicle Maintenance
UTDBP3078 Roads and Ground Maintenance
UTDBP3079 Custodial Services
UTDBP3081 Utilities
UTDBP3082 University Safety and Fire Prevention
UTDBP3083 Campus Security And Safety
UTDBP3084 Security of Facilities and Personnel
UTDBP3085 Health and Safety of Personnel Students and Visitors
UTDBP3086 Emergency Preparedness
UTDBP3087 Fire and Accident Prevention, Parking/Traffic Rules and Regulations, Radiation Safety
UTDBP3088 Quantity of Work Rule
UTDBP3089 Tobacco Free Policy
UTDBP3090 Nondiscrimination
UTDBP3091 Employee Performance Appraisal Policy
UTDBP3092 Employee Service Award Program
UTDBP3093 HIPAA Privacy Breach Notification Policy
UTDBP3094 Entertainment and Official Occasions
UTDBP3096 Information Security and Acceptable Use
UTDBP3097 Expenditure of Funds
UTDBP3098 Relocation Expenses
UTDBP3099 Signature Authority
UTDBP3100 Policy for Reasonable Accommodations
UTDBP3101 Contract Administration
UTDBP3102 Sexual Misconduct Policy
UTDBP3103 Consensual Relationships
UTDBP3104 Travel Expenses
UTDBP3105 Reporting Suspected Unlawful Activity and Protection from Retaliation
UTDBP3106 Sponsored Projects Compensation Confirmation
UTDBP3108 Agency Funds
UTDBP3109 Campus Accessibility Committee
UTDBP3110 Campus Facilities Committee
UTDBP3111 Workers' Compensation Program
UTDBP3112 Clery Act Compliance Policy
UTDBP3113 Accounts Receivable
UTDBP3114 External Sales
UTDBP3115 Receiving, Distribution and Property Control
UTDBP3116 Transfer of University Resources
UTDBP3117 Awards and Gifts
UTDPP1000 Academic Program Abandonment Policy
UTDPP1001 Academic Certificate Programs
UTDPP1002 Intellectual Property Policy
UTDPP1003 Information Technology Planning and Policy Committee
UTDPP1004 Work Toward An Advanced Degree by Faculty Members
UTDPP1005 Textbooks and Other Materials Prescribed for the Use of Students
UTDPP1006 Teaching Evaluation Policy
UTDPP1007 Bylaws of the Academic Senate of The University of Texas at Dallas
UTDPP1008 Council for Undergraduate Education
UTDPP1009 Campus Housing Advisory Committee
UTDPP1011 Academic Calendar Committee
UTDPP1012 Committee on Academic Integrity
UTDPP1013 Academic Program Review
UTDPP1014 Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
UTDPP1015 Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee
UTDPP1016 Biosafety Committee
UTDPP1017 Campus Wellness Committee
UTDPP1018 Committee on the Core Curriculum
UTDPP1019 Committee on Committees
UTDPP1020 Commencement Committee
UTDPP1021 Committee on Distance Learning
UTDPP1022 Committee for the Support of Diversity and Equity
UTDPP1023 Committee on Educational Policy
UTDPP1024 Committee on Effective Teaching
UTDPP1025 Campus Facilities Committee
UTDPP1026 Committee on Faculty Mentoring
UTDPP1027 Committee on Faculty Standing and Conduct
UTDPP1028 Committee on Educational Technology
UTDPP1029 Research Conflict of Interest
UTDPP1030 Committee on Parking and Transportation
UTDPP1031 Committee on Qualifications of Academic Personnel
UTDPP1032 Radiation Safety Committee
UTDPP1033 Advisory Committee on Research
UTDPP1034 University Research Integrity Committee
UTDPP1035 Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects (Institutional Review Board)
UTDPP1036 University Safety and Security Council
UTDPP1037 Student Fee Advisory Committee
UTDPP1038 Committee on Student Scholarships
UTDPP1039 Presidents Outstanding Teaching Awards Committee
UTDPP1040 Continuing and Extended Education Activities
UTDPP1041 Controlled Items Precursor Chemicals and Chemical Laboratory Apparatus
UTDPP1042 Management of Controlled Substances
UTDPP1043 Policy Regarding Photocopying Copyrighted Materials
UTDPP1044 Policy for the Administration of Courses Offered in Shortened Format
UTDPP1046 Emeritus Titles Perquisites and Privileges of Emeritus Title Holders
UTDPP1047 Evaluation of Academic Administrators
UTDPP1048 University Policies for Reservation and Use of Facilities
UTDPP1049 University Policy on Faculty Conduct
UTDPP1050 Faculty Grievance Procedure The University of Texas at Dallas
UTDPP1051 Faculty Leaves of Absence Without Pay
UTDPP1052 Policy on Procedures for Completing a Graduate Degree
UTDPP1053 Council on Graduate Education
UTDPP1055 Hearing Tribunal Selection Procedures
UTDPP1056 Handbook of Operating Procedures HOP Amendment Approval Process
UTDPP1057 General Standards and Procedures Initial Appointments to the Ranks of Instructor Assistant Professor Associate Professor and Professor
UTDPP1059 Policy on Merit Salary Increases for Faculty
UTDPP1060 Faculty Workload and Reporting Requirements
UTDPP1061 Hiring and Evaluation Procedures for Nontenure-System Faculty
UTDPP1062 General Standards and Procedures for Review of Nontenure-System Faculty
UTDPP1063 Part-Time Workload Assignments
UTDPP1064 Procedures Governing Periodic Performance Evaluation of Tenured Faculty
UTDPP1067 Registration of Faculty and Staff Organizations
UTDPP1068 Research Faculty
UTDPP1069 Institutional Conflicts of Interest Committee
UTDPP1070 Procedure for Dealing with Allegations of Research Misconduct/Fraud
UTDPP1071 Policy and Procedures Regarding Payments to Persons Who Are Not UT Dallas Employees
UTDPP1072 Consultation in the Selection of Certain Key Administrative Officials
UTDPP1073 Bylaws of the Staff Council of The University of Texas at Dallas
UTDPP1074 Policy and Procedures for Student Evaluations of Teaching
UTDPP1075 University Policies Related to Graduate Assistants Teaching Assistants Teaching Associates and Student Research Assistants
UTDPP1076 Library Committee
UTDPP1077 General Standards and Procedures Faculty Promotion Reappointment and Tenure
UTDPP1078 University Sustainability Committee Charge
UTDPP1079 Policy on Requirement for Vaccination against Bacterial Meningitis for Students Under the Age of 22 Registering for Courses
UTDPP1080 Staff Fitness for Duty
UTDPP1081 UT Dallas Policy on Financial Exigency
UTDPP1083 Intellectual Property Advisory Committee
UTDPP1084 Senate Advisory Committee on the University Budget
UTDPP1085 Faculty Fitness for Duty
UTDPP1086 Export Compliance Policy
UTDPP1087 Privacy Policy
UTDPP1088 Faculty Governance
UTDPP1089 Annual Review of Faculty
UTDPP1090 Semester Credit Hour Value
UTDPP1092 International Oversight Committee
UTDPP1093 Administrative Leave for Outstanding Job Performance
UTDPP1094 UT Dallas Substantive Change Policy
UTDPP1095 Official Academic Transcript Notation
UTDPP1096 Governance Administration and Mission
UTDPP1097 Additional Pay for Employees of UT Dallas
UTDPP1098 University Assessment Committee
UTDPP1099 University Information Security Advisory Committee Charge
UTDPP1100 Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment
UTDPP1101 Outside Activity Policy Executive Officers and Employees Involved in Procurement Activities or Contract Management
UTDPP1102 Outside Activity Policy for All Employees Excluding Executive Officers and Employees Involved in Procurement Activities or Contract Management
UTDPP1103 Carry of Concealed Handguns
UTDPP1104 Scholarships Fellowships and Other Appointments and Monetary Awards to Students
UTDPP1105 Special Use Facilities
UTDPP1106 University Committee on Electronic Forms and Administrative Efficiency
UTDPP1107 International Education Development Committee
UTDPP1108 International Travel Policy
UTDPP1109 Teaching Relief Program for Faculty
UTDPP1110 Institutional Conflicts of Interest
UTDPP1111 Syllabus Policy
UTDPP1112 Faculty Absences Impacting Teaching Responsibilities
UTDPP1113 Student Location Policy
UTDPP1114 Police Oversight Committee
UTDPP1115 University Records Regarding Student Identity
UTDPP1116 Committee on Student Technology Requirements
UTDSP5000 Use of Residential Conference Centers
UTDSP5001 Speech Expression and Assembly
UTDSP5002 Use of University Facilities
UTDSP5003 Student Code of Conduct
UTDSP5005 Student Grievances
UTDSP5008 Behavior Assessment and Intervention Team
UTDSP5010 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Policy
UTDSP5015 Programs for Minors

Rescinded Policies

Policy Number Policy Title
UTDBP3006 Information Resources Use and Security
UTDBP3007 Information Resources Acceptable Use Policy
UTDBP3009 Institutional Audit and Compliance Committee Statement of Responsibilities
UTDBP3010 Institutional Audit and Compliance Committee Charter
UTDBP3012 Risk Insurance for Camps and Clinics Involving Minors Policy
UTDBP3014 Travel Procedures Purpose and Scope
UTDBP3015 Travel Procedures General Policy
UTDBP3016 Travel General Overview
UTDBP3017 Absence From Usual and Regular Duties
UTDBP3018 Designated Headquarters
UTDBP3019 Economy and Efficiency of Travel
UTDBP3020 Rental Vehicles and Rental Insurance
UTDBP3021 Rental Vehicles Contract Identifier Numbers
UTDBP3022 Advance of Monies
UTDBP3024 Travel Voucher
UTDBP3025 Transportation Allowance
UTDBP3026 Per Diem
UTDBP3027 Reimbursement and Non Reimbursement for Other Travel Expenses
UTDBP3028 Special Travel Regulations for Other Than General Funds
UTDBP3029 Auditing of Travel
UTDBP3030 Prospective Employees
UTDBP3031 Travel by Non employees and Non prospective Employees
UTDBP3032 Sponsored Programs Administration Time and Effort Reporting
UTDBP3038 Preparation of IntraInter Departmental Transfers IDTs
UTDBP3039 Check Cashing Policy
UTDBP3041 Departmental Petty Cash Handling Procedures
UTDBP3042 Bursar Petty Cash Procedures
UTDBP3043 Budgeting and Expenditure Control
UTDBP3052 Employee Insurance and Benefits
UTDBP3053 Retirement Plans Section
UTDBP3058 Purchasing General Section
UTDBP3059 Purchase Requisitions Section
UTDBP3060 Purchase Orders Section
UTDBP3061 Receiving and Shipping
UTDBP3065 Office Machines
UTDBP3067 Receiving and Delivery
UTDBP3068 Shipping
UTDBP3070 Printing
UTDBP3071 Central Stores
UTDBP3072 Telephone Services
UTDBP3080 Minor Construction Remodeling and Major Repairs
UTDBP3107 Scholarships Fellowships and Other Appointments and Monetary Awards to Students
UTDPP1010 Policy on University Research Units and Organized Research Units
UTDPP1045 Dual or Outside Employment
UTDPP1054 Policy on Graduate Studies Committee
UTDPP1058 Internship Policy
UTDPP1065 Responsibilities of Principal Investigators and Project Directors
UTDPP1082 Effort Certification
UTDPP1091 Conflicts of Interest Conflicts of Commitment and Outside Activities
UTDSP5006 Bylaws of the Student Senate
UTDSP5007 Student Media
UTDSP5009 Constitution of the Student Government