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Policy Charge

Educational Policy CEP

Policy Statement

The Committee on Educational Policy is a standing, concurrent committee of the Academic Senate of The University of Texas at Dallas.

The Committee is charged with reviewing the policies and procedures of all educational programs of the University, with respect to their quality, feasibility, necessity, and consistency with established academic policies, standards, and goals. The purview of the Committee specifically includes, but is not limited to 1) all proposals for the assignment of university credit to new courses, 2) all proposals for new programs, 3) all catalog materials, and 4) other academic policy issues referred to it by the Academic Council and/or Senate. The Committee shall publish, with the approval of the Academic Senate, calendars for submission to it of proposals for new programs, catalog copy for approval, and such other materials as it considers appropriate.

Catalog copy and proposals for new programs shall be submitted directly by appropriate administrative officers to the Committee for review. Upon completion of its deliberations, the Committee will forward the material with their results to the Academic Senate through the Academic Council. Reviews of policy suggestions by other committees and responses to requests for opinions by other agencies of the University will be returned directly to the concerned body if the Committee finds that it can formulate its advice within the framework of existing Senate policies and established precedents. New policies deemed appropriate by the Committee will be submitted as recommendations to the Academic Senate, through the Academic Council.

By November 1, the Chair of the Committee will provide the Speaker of the Faculty with a copy of the agenda established by the Committee for its work during the academic year.

Annually, but no later than August 31, the Chair of the Committee provides the Speaker of the Faculty with a written report for the Academic Senate of the Committee’s activities for the prior academic year.

Insofar as possible, the members of the Committee shall include two faculty representatives from each School, but with one representative from the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, appointed from the membership of the General Faculty (as defined in UTDPP1088). The Chair of the Committee on Core Curriculum shall serve ex officio as one of the voting members. There shall be four non-voting ex officio members: the Dean of Graduate Education, the Dean of Undergraduate Education, the liaison to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board appointed by the Provost, and the University Registrar. The President of the University, or the President's designee, will appoint as non-voting members, a graduate student representative, nominated by the President of the Graduate Student Assembly, and an undergraduate student representative, nominated by the President of the Student Government.

The Dean of Graduate Studies and the Dean of Undergraduate Education serve as Responsible University Officials charged with implementing the policies recommended by the committee and approved by administration.

Unless specified otherwise in this charge, Committee members are appointed to two-year terms, and the Chair and Vice Chair are appointed annually. The terms for appointed members shall be staggered so that no more than one-half of the terms expire in any one year. Members may be reappointed by the President for additional terms upon nomination of the Academic Council. If for any reason a Committee member resigns, the President, upon nomination of the Academic Council, shall appoint another individual to serve the remainder of the unexpired term.

Policy History

  • Revised: 1979-11-12
  • Revised: 1985-05-13
  • Revised: 1990-11-01
  • Revised: 1991-02-01
  • Revised: 1993-10-15
  • Revised: 1995-04-04
  • Revised: 1997-06-30
  • Revised: 1998-09-01
  • Editorial Amendments: 2000-09-01
  • Revised: 2001-10-25
  • Editorial Amendments: 2002-11-22
  • Editorial Amendments: 2006-04-18
  • Editorial Amendments: 2015-05-28
  • Editorial Amendments: 2018-12-05
  • Revised: 2021-04-05