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# Policy Number Policy Title Last Update Actions
1 UTDBP3000 Criminal Background Checks Policy 2012-03-07 [view] [pdf]
2 UTDBP3001 Records Management and Retention 2011-03-30 [view] [pdf]
3 UTDBP3002 Requests for Records 2011-03-30 [view] [pdf]
4 UTDBP3003 External Non-Profit Corporations 2011-03-30 [view] [pdf]
5 UTDBP3004 Gifts and Grants from Private Philanthropic Sources 2011-03-30 [view] [pdf]
6 UTDBP3005 Campus Network Connection Policy 2011-03-30 [view] [pdf]
7 UTDBP3008 Cellular Communications Equipment Policy 2011-03-30 [view] [pdf]
8 UTDBP3011 Alcoholic Beverages Policy 2011-03-30 [view] [pdf]
9 UTDBP3012 Risk Insurance for Camps and Clinics Involving Minors Policy 2011-03-30 [view] [pdf]
10 UTDBP3013 Sustainability Policy 2011-03-30 [view] [pdf]
11 UTDBP3023 Travel and Risk Related Activities 2012-06-15 [view] [pdf]
12 UTDBP3032 Sponsored Programs Administration Time and Effort Reporting 2016-11-11 [view] [pdf]
13 UTDBP3033 Cost AccountingService Centers 2011-04-27 [view] [pdf]
14 UTDBP3034 University Endowment Policy 2017-10-24 [view] [pdf]
15 UTDBP3035 Credit Card Acceptance Policy 2014-12-15 [view] [pdf]
16 UTDBP3036 Policy on Payment of Research Subjects 2016-11-11 [view] [pdf]
17 UTDBP3037 Policy on Identity Theft Prevention Detection and Mitigation Program 2018-05-11 [view] [pdf]
18 UTDBP3040 The University of Texas at Dallas Cash Handling Policy 2015-06-09 [view] [pdf]
19 UTDBP3044 Human Resources Office Section 2016-11-11 [view] [pdf]
20 UTDBP3047 Termination Section 2016-11-11 [view] [pdf]
21 UTDBP3048 University Human Resources Policies Section 2016-08-17 [view] [pdf]
22 UTDBP3049 Employment Section 2011-04-27 [view] [pdf]
23 UTDBP3050 Appointments Section 2018-12-05 [view] [pdf]
24 UTDBP3051 Pay Administration 2013-12-12 [view] [pdf]
25 UTDBP3052 Employee Insurance and Benefits 2018-05-11 [view] [pdf]
26 UTDBP3053 Retirement Plans Section 2011-09-15 [view] [pdf]
27 UTDBP3054 Leaves of Absence 2013-10-14 [view] [pdf]
28 UTDBP3055 Training Section 2011-09-15 [view] [pdf]
29 UTDBP3056 Discipline Dismissal and Grievances Section 2011-09-15 [view] [pdf]
30 UTDBP3057 Purchasing Policies 2015-01-16 [view] [pdf]
31 UTDBP3058 Purchasing General Section 2015-01-16 [view] [pdf]
32 UTDBP3059 Purchase Requisitions Section 2015-01-16 [view] [pdf]
33 UTDBP3060 Purchase Orders Section 2015-01-16 [view] [pdf]
34 UTDBP3061 Receiving and Shipping 2011-09-15 [view] [pdf]
35 UTDBP3062 Motor Vehicles 2011-09-15 [view] [pdf]
36 UTDBP3063 Bookstore 2011-04-27 [view] [pdf]
37 UTDBP3064 Food Services 2011-09-15 [view] [pdf]
38 UTDBP3066 Property Administration 2011-04-27 [view] [pdf]
39 UTDBP3067 Receiving and Delivery 2011-09-15 [view] [pdf]
40 UTDBP3068 Shipping 2011-04-27 [view] [pdf]
41 UTDBP3069 Mail Services 2011-04-27 [view] [pdf]
42 UTDBP3073 Physical Plant General Purpose and Scope 2011-04-27 [view] [pdf]
43 UTDBP3074 Naming of Buildings and Facilities 2011-04-27 [view] [pdf]
44 UTDBP3075 Work Order System 2011-09-15 [view] [pdf]
45 UTDBP3076 Building Maintenance and Operations 2011-09-15 [view] [pdf]
46 UTDBP3077 Vehicle Maintenance 2011-09-15 [view] [pdf]
47 UTDBP3078 Roads and Ground Maintenance 2011-09-15 [view] [pdf]
48 UTDBP3079 Custodial Services 2011-09-15 [view] [pdf]
49 UTDBP3080 Minor Construction Remodeling and Major Repairs 2011-04-27 [view] [pdf]
50 UTDBP3081 Utilities 2011-09-15 [view] [pdf]
51 UTDBP3082 University Safety and Fire Prevention 2011-09-15 [view] [pdf]
52 UTDBP3083 Campus Security And Safety 2011-09-15 [view] [pdf]
53 UTDBP3084 Security of Facilities and Personnel 2011-09-15 [view] [pdf]
54 UTDBP3085 Health and Safety of Personnel Students and Visitors 2011-04-27 [view] [pdf]
55 UTDBP3086 Emergency Preparedness 2011-09-15 [view] [pdf]
56 UTDBP3087 Fire and Accident Prevention ParkingTraffic Rules and Regulations Radiation Safety 2011-09-15 [view] [pdf]
57 UTDBP3088 Quantity of Work Rule 2012-09-01 [view] [pdf]
58 UTDBP3089 Tobacco Free Policy 2017-06-01 [view] [pdf]
59 UTDBP3090 Nondiscrimination 2017-07-27 [view] [pdf]
60 UTDBP3091 Employee Performance Appraisal Policy 2013-07-10 [view] [pdf]
61 UTDBP3092 Employee Service Award Program 2013-11-21 [view] [pdf]
62 UTDBP3093 HIPAA Privacy Breach Notification Policy 2014-03-04 [view] [pdf]
63 UTDBP3094 Entertainment and Official Occasions 2018-06-01 [view] [pdf]
64 UTDBP3096 Information Security and Acceptable Use 2018-01-19 [view] [pdf]
65 UTDBP3097 Expenditure of Funds 2015-01-30 [view] [pdf]
66 UTDBP3098 Relocation Expenses 2015-01-30 [view] [pdf]
67 UTDBP3099 Signature Authority 2015-01-30 [view] [pdf]
68 UTDBP3100 Policy for Reasonable Accommodations for Person with Disabilities 2016-02-18 [view] [pdf]
69 UTDBP3101 Contract Administration 2016-10-18 [view] [pdf]
70 UTDBP3102 Sexual Misconduct Policy 2019-01-10 [view] [pdf]
71 UTDBP3103 Consensual Relationships 2015-10-28 [view] [pdf]
72 UTDBP3104 Travel Expenses 2016-03-14 [view] [pdf]
73 UTDBP3105 Protection from Retaliation 2016-08-15 [view] [pdf]
74 UTDBP3106 Sponsored Projects Compensation Confirmation 2016-12-07 [view] [pdf]
75 UTDBP3108 Agency Funds 2017-11-09 [view] [pdf]
76 UTDBP3109 Campus Accessibility Committee 2018-05-04 [view] [pdf]
77 UTDBP3110 Campus Facilities Committee 2018-05-11 [view] [pdf]
78 UTDBP3111 Workers' Compensation Program 2018-05-11 [view] [pdf]
79 UTDBP3112 Clery Act Compliance Policy 2019-01-11 [view] [pdf]
80 UTDPP1000 Academic Program Abandonment Policy 2016-06-05 [view] [pdf]
81 UTDPP1001 Academic Certificate Programs 2018-12-05 [view] [pdf]
82 UTDPP1002 Intellectual Property Policy 2016-11-11 [view] [pdf]
83 UTDPP1003 Information Technology Planning and Policy Committee 2017-03-09 [view] [pdf]
84 UTDPP1004 Work Toward An Advanced Degree by Faculty Members 2011-04-27 [view] [pdf]
85 UTDPP1005 Textbooks and Other Materials Prescribed for the Use of Students 2017-01-26 [view] [pdf]
86 UTDPP1006 Teaching Evaluation Policy 2017-01-26 [view] [pdf]
87 UTDPP1007 Bylaws of the Academic Senate of The University of Texas at Dallas 2018-05-04 [view] [pdf]
88 UTDPP1008 Council for Undergraduate Education 2018-05-04 [view] [pdf]
89 UTDPP1009 Campus Housing Advisory Committee 2018-12-05 [view] [pdf]
90 UTDPP1011 Academic Calendar Committee 2018-09-26 [view] [pdf]
91 UTDPP1012 Committee on Academic Integrity 2018-01-22 [view] [pdf]
92 UTDPP1013 Academic Program Review 2016-09-13 [view] [pdf]
93 UTDPP1014 Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee 2018-01-22 [view] [pdf]
94 UTDPP1015 Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee 2016-09-20 [view] [pdf]
95 UTDPP1016 Biosafety Committee 2018-01-22 [view] [pdf]
96 UTDPP1017 Campus Wellness Committee 2017-04-26 [view] [pdf]
97 UTDPP1018 Committee on the Core Curriculum 2016-04-28 [view] [pdf]
98 UTDPP1019 Committee on Committees 2017-07-21 [view] [pdf]
99 UTDPP1020 Commencement Committee 2018-12-05 [view] [pdf]
100 UTDPP1021 Committee on Distance Learning 2018-12-05 [view] [pdf]
101 UTDPP1022 Committee for the Support of Diversity and Equity 2015-05-28 [view] [pdf]
102 UTDPP1023 Committee on Educational Policy 2018-12-05 [view] [pdf]
103 UTDPP1024 Committee on Effective Teaching 2016-01-07 [view] [pdf]
104 UTDPP1025 Campus Facilities Committee 2018-12-05 [view] [pdf]
105 UTDPP1026 Committee on Faculty Mentoring 2018-01-22 [view] [pdf]
106 UTDPP1027 Committee on Faculty Standing and Conduct 2016-11-18 [view] [pdf]
107 UTDPP1028 Committee on Learning Management Systems 2016-01-07 [view] [pdf]
108 UTDPP1029 Research Conflict of Interest 2016-06-02 [view] [pdf]
109 UTDPP1030 Committee on Parking and Transportation 2018-01-22 [view] [pdf]
110 UTDPP1031 Committee on Qualifications of Academic Personnel 2016-01-07 [view] [pdf]
111 UTDPP1032 Radiation Safety Committee 2018-01-22 [view] [pdf]
112 UTDPP1033 Advisory Committee on Research 2009-09-28 [view] [pdf]
113 UTDPP1034 University Research Integrity Committee 2018-12-05 [view] [pdf]
114 UTDPP1035 Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects (Institutional Review Board) 2011-04-27 [view] [pdf]
115 UTDPP1036 University Safety and Security Council 2018-07-26 [view] [pdf]
116 UTDPP1037 Student Fee Advisory Committee 2013-06-11 [view] [pdf]
117 UTDPP1038 Committee on Student Scholarships 2018-12-05 [view] [pdf]
118 UTDPP1039 Presidents Outstanding Teaching Awards Committee 2017-04-26 [view] [pdf]
119 UTDPP1040 Continuing and Extended Education Activities 2016-10-25 [view] [pdf]
120 UTDPP1041 Controlled Items Precursor Chemicals and Chemical Laboratory Apparatus 2016-11-11 [view] [pdf]
121 UTDPP1042 Management of Controlled Substances 2011-04-27 [view] [pdf]
122 UTDPP1043 Policy Regarding Photocopying Copyrighted Materials 2012-03-07 [view] [pdf]
123 UTDPP1044 Policy for the Administration of Courses Offered in Shortened Format 2017-01-26 [view] [pdf]
124 UTDPP1046 Emeritus Titles Perquisites and Privileges of Emeritus Title Holders 2018-12-05 [view] [pdf]
125 UTDPP1047 Evaluation of Academic Administrators 2018-12-05 [view] [pdf]
126 UTDPP1048 University Policies for Reservation and Use of Facilities 2011-04-27 [view] [pdf]
127 UTDPP1049 University Policy on Faculty Conduct 2015-06-05 [view] [pdf]
128 UTDPP1050 Faculty Grievance Procedure The University of Texas at Dallas 2015-06-05 [view] [pdf]
129 UTDPP1051 Faculty Leaves of Absence Without Pay 2017-01-26 [view] [pdf]
130 UTDPP1052 Policy on Procedures for Completing a Graduate Degree 2018-12-05 [view] [pdf]
131 UTDPP1053 Council on Graduate Education 2016-12-14 [view] [pdf]
132 UTDPP1055 Hearing Tribunal Selection Procedures 2011-04-27 [view] [pdf]
133 UTDPP1056 Handbook of Operating Procedures HOP Amendment Approval Process 2016-11-02 [view] [pdf]
134 UTDPP1057 General Standards and Procedures Initial Appointments to the Ranks of Instructor Assistant Professor Associate Professor and Professor 2016-09-13 [view] [pdf]
135 UTDPP1059 Policy on Merit Salary Increases for Faculty 2011-04-27 [view] [pdf]
136 UTDPP1060 Faculty Workload and Reporting Requirements 2019-01-11 [view] [pdf]
137 UTDPP1061 Hiring and Evaluation Procedures for Nontenure-System Faculty 2016-10-17 [view] [pdf]
138 UTDPP1062 General Standards and Procedures for Review of Nontenure-System Faculty 2016-04-05 [view] [pdf]
139 UTDPP1063 Part-Time Workload Assignments 2016-11-11 [view] [pdf]
140 UTDPP1064 Procedures Governing Periodic Performance Evaluation of Tenured Faculty 2016-11-11 [view] [pdf]
141 UTDPP1065 Responsibilities of Principal Investigators and Project Directors 2016-10-25 [view] [pdf]
142 UTDPP1067 Registration of Faculty and Staff Organizations 2011-04-27 [view] [pdf]
143 UTDPP1068 Research Faculty 2016-10-05 [view] [pdf]
144 UTDPP1069 Institutional Conflicts of Interest Committee 2019-01-31 [view] [pdf]
145 UTDPP1070 Procedure for Dealing with Allegations of Research Misconduct/Fraud 2011-04-27 [view] [pdf]
146 UTDPP1071 Policy and Procedures Regarding Payments to Persons Who Are Not U. T. Dallas Employees 2016-11-11 [view] [pdf]
147 UTDPP1072 Consultation in the Selection of Certain Key Administrative Officials 2018-12-05 [view] [pdf]
148 UTDPP1073 Bylaws of the Staff Council of The University of Texas at Dallas 2013-07-08 [view] [pdf]
149 UTDPP1074 Policy and Procedures for Student Evaluations of Teaching 2011-04-27 [view] [pdf]
150 UTDPP1075 University Policies Related to Graduate Assistants Teaching Assistants Teaching Associates and Student Research Assistants 2018-12-05 [view] [pdf]
151 UTDPP1076 Library Committee 2015-05-28 [view] [pdf]
152 UTDPP1077 General Standards and Procedures Faculty Promotion Reappointment and Tenure 2016-11-11 [view] [pdf]
153 UTDPP1078 University Sustainability Committee Charge 2012-03-07 [view] [pdf]
154 UTDPP1079 Policy on Requirement for Vaccination against Bacterial Meningitis for Students Under the Age of 22 Registering for Courses 2015-12-10 [view] [pdf]
155 UTDPP1080 Staff Fitness for Duty 2018-01-03 [view] [pdf]
156 UTDPP1081 UT Dallas Policy on Financial Exigency 2016-11-11 [view] [pdf]
157 UTDPP1083 Intellectual Property Advisory Committee 2019-02-01 [view] [pdf]
158 UTDPP1084 Senate Advisory Committee on the University Budget 2015-05-28 [view] [pdf]
159 UTDPP1085 Faculty Fitness for Duty 2018-01-03 [view] [pdf]
160 UTDPP1086 Export Compliance Policy 2019-01-31 [view] [pdf]
161 UTDPP1087 Privacy Policy 2012-09-27 [view] [pdf]
162 UTDPP1088 Faculty Governance 2017-05-01 [view] [pdf]
163 UTDPP1089 Annual Review of Faculty 2018-12-05 [view] [pdf]
164 UTDPP1090 Semester Credit Hour Value 2014-01-21 [view] [pdf]
165 UTDPP1092 International Oversight Committee 2018-06-01 [view] [pdf]
166 UTDPP1093 Administrative Leave for Outstanding Job Performance 2015-01-22 [view] [pdf]
167 UTDPP1094 UT Dallas Substantive Change Policy 2015-07-17 [view] [pdf]
168 UTDPP1095 Official Academic Transcript Notation 2015-11-23 [view] [pdf]
169 UTDPP1096 Governance Administration and Mission 2018-12-05 [view] [pdf]
170 UTDPP1097 Additional Pay for Employees of UT Dallas 2016-02-15 [view] [pdf]
171 UTDPP1098 University Assessment Committee 2016-03-15 [view] [pdf]
172 UTDPP1099 University Information Security Advisory Committee Charge 2017-04-26 [view] [pdf]
173 UTDPP1100 Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment 2016-06-07 [view] [pdf]
174 UTDPP1101 Outside Activity Policy Executive Officers and Employees Involved in Procurement Activities or Contract Management 2016-06-07 [view] [pdf]
175 UTDPP1102 Outside Activity Policy for All Employees Excluding Executive Officers and Employees Involved in Procurement Activities or Contract Management 2016-06-07 [view] [pdf]
176 UTDPP1103 Carry of Concealed Handguns 2016-08-01 [view] [pdf]
177 UTDPP1104 Scholarships Fellowships and Other Appointments and Monetary Awards to Students 2018-12-05 [view] [pdf]
178 UTDPP1105 Special Use Facilities 2017-08-03 [view] [pdf]
179 UTDPP1106 University Committee on eForms 2017-09-12 [view] [pdf]
180 UTDPP1107 International Education Development Committee 2018-12-05 [view] [pdf]
181 UTDPP1108 International Travel Policy 2018-06-01 [view] [pdf]
182 UTDPP1109 Teaching Relief Program for Faculty 2018-09-26 [view] [pdf]
183 UTDPP1110 Institutional Conflicts of Interest 2019-01-31 [view] [pdf]
184 UTDSP5000 Use of Residential Conference Centers 2011-04-25 [view] [pdf]
185 UTDSP5001 Speech Expression and Assembly 2013-06-12 [view] [pdf]
186 UTDSP5002 Use of University Facilities 2017-08-03 [view] [pdf]
187 UTDSP5003 Student Code of Conduct 2016-01-11 [view] [pdf]
188 UTDSP5005 Student Grievances 2018-12-05 [view] [pdf]
189 UTDSP5008 Behavior Assessment and Intervention Team 2012-08-06 [view] [pdf]
190 UTDSP5010 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Policy 2018-10-02 [view] [pdf]
191 UTDSP5015 Programs for Minors 2018-09-26 [view] [pdf]

Rescinded Policies

# Policy Number Policy Title Last Update Actions
1 UTDBP3006 Information Resources Use and Security Rescinded on 2018-11-20 [view] [pdf]
2 UTDBP3007 Information Resources Acceptable Use Policy Rescinded on 2018-11-20 [view] [pdf]
3 UTDBP3009 Institutional Audit and Compliance Committee Statement of Responsibilities Rescinded on 2017-01-05 [view] [pdf]
4 UTDBP3010 Institutional Audit and Compliance Committee Charter Rescinded on 2017-01-05 [view] [pdf]
5 UTDBP3014 Travel Procedures Purpose and Scope Rescinded on 2016-03-14 [view] [pdf]
6 UTDBP3015 Travel Procedures General Policy Rescinded on 2016-03-14 [view] [pdf]
7 UTDBP3016 Travel General Overview Rescinded on 2016-03-14 [view] [pdf]
8 UTDBP3017 Absence From Usual and Regular Duties Rescinded on 2016-03-14 [view] [pdf]
9 UTDBP3018 Designated Headquarters Rescinded on 2016-03-14 [view] [pdf]
10 UTDBP3019 Economy and Efficiency of Travel Rescinded on 2016-03-14 [view] [pdf]
11 UTDBP3020 Rental Vehicles and Rental Insurance Rescinded on 2016-03-14 [view] [pdf]
12 UTDBP3021 Rental Vehicles Contract Identifier Numbers Rescinded on 2016-03-14 [view] [pdf]
13 UTDBP3022 Advance of Monies Rescinded on 2016-03-14 [view] [pdf]
14 UTDBP3024 Travel Voucher Rescinded on 2016-03-14 [view] [pdf]
15 UTDBP3025 Transportation Allowance Rescinded on 2016-03-14 [view] [pdf]
16 UTDBP3026 Per Diem Rescinded on 2016-03-14 [view] [pdf]
17 UTDBP3027 Reimbursement and Non Reimbursement for Other Travel Expenses Rescinded on 2016-03-14 [view] [pdf]
18 UTDBP3028 Special Travel Regulations for Other Than General Funds Rescinded on 2016-03-14 [view] [pdf]
19 UTDBP3029 Auditing of Travel Rescinded on 2016-03-14 [view] [pdf]
20 UTDBP3030 Prospective Employees Rescinded on 2016-03-14 [view] [pdf]
21 UTDBP3031 Travel by Non employees and Non prospective Employees Rescinded on 2016-03-14 [view] [pdf]
22 UTDBP3038 Preparation of IntraInter Departmental Transfers IDTs Rescinded on 2011-06-10 [view] [pdf]
23 UTDBP3039 Check Cashing Policy Rescinded on 2018-07-26 [view] [pdf]
24 UTDBP3041 Departmental Petty Cash Handling Procedures Rescinded on 2016-02-12 [view] [pdf]
25 UTDBP3042 Bursar Petty Cash Procedures Rescinded on 2016-02-12 [view] [pdf]
26 UTDBP3043 Budgeting and Expenditure Control Rescinded on 2011-04-29 [view] [pdf]
27 UTDBP3065 Office Machines Rescinded on 2016-10-26 [view] [pdf]
28 UTDBP3070 Printing Rescinded on 2016-10-26 [view] [pdf]
29 UTDBP3071 Central Stores Rescinded on 2016-10-26 [view] [pdf]
30 UTDBP3072 Telephone Services Rescinded on 2016-12-07 [view] [pdf]
31 UTDBP3107 Scholarships Fellowships and Other Appointments and Monetary Awards to Students Rescinded on 2017-01-05 [view] [pdf]
32 UTDPP1010 Policy on University Research Units and Organized Research Units Rescinded on 2018-11-20 [view] [pdf]
33 UTDPP1045 Dual or Outside Employment Rescinded on 2014-09-19 [view] [pdf]
34 UTDPP1054 Policy on Graduate Studies Committee Rescinded on 2017-04-26 [view] [pdf]
35 UTDPP1058 Internship Policy Rescinded on 2017-09-12 [view] [pdf]
36 UTDPP1082 Effort Certification Rescinded on 2016-12-07 [view] [pdf]
37 UTDPP1091 Conflicts of Interest Conflicts of Commitment and Outside Activities Rescinded on 2016-06-07 [view] [pdf]
38 UTDSP5006 Bylaws of the Student Senate Rescinded on 2017-01-05 [view] [pdf]
39 UTDSP5009 Constitution of the Student Government Rescinded on 2017-01-05 [view] [pdf]
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