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Council for Undergraduate Education - UTDPP1008

Policy Statement

The Council on Undergraduate Education advises the Dean of Undergraduate Education on all aspects of undergraduate education at The University of Texas at Dallas. The Council will make recommendations to the Dean in the following areas:

  1. Coordination of all academic procedures with regard to the conferring of undergraduate degrees.
  2. Establishment of policies and procedures, consistent with the general academic policies of the university recommended by the Academic Senate and adopted by the university, regarding:
    1. Advice on admission criteria for undergraduates,
    2. Approval and scheduling of courses used by students in meeting core curriculum requirements, general standards for undergraduate academic programs including degrees, minors, and certificates,
    3. Continual development of the collective advising program,
    4. Academic programs of students, including those not in good standing,
    5. Academic persistence and graduation rates,
    6. Transfer of credit and evaluation of other credentials related to admission to U. T. Dallas undergraduate degree programs, and
    7. Cooperation with Student Affairs and Enrollment Management to recruit new students by participating in organized recruiting activities.
  3. Revisions to undergraduate catalog copy to be forwarded for review by the Committee on Educational Policy.
  4. Recommend minor suspensions of the regulations by the Dean as may be advisable for specific student circumstances.
  5. Advise on all matters regarding evolving trends in undergraduate education at the national and regional level that the Dean will report to the Academic Senate.
  6. Participate in the periodic review of existing and proposed undergraduate programs.
  7. Review of policies and procedures pertaining to undergraduate student support and scholarships, and proposals for the establishment of support that recognizes undergraduate student achievement.
  8. Development of programs and activities to encourage, foster, and support scholarly and creative research and achievement in undergraduate education.
  9. Development of recommendations for the Dean to present to the Chief Academic Officer and to the Vice President for Research concerning undergraduate offerings associated with academic centers, institutes, and other comparable entities.


The Dean of Undergraduate Education is the academic officer responsible for coordinating support for the undergraduate programs of the university and for implementing the policies of the university in regard to undergraduate education. The Council on Undergraduate Education functions as an executive committee to advise and assist the Dean.


The Dean of Undergraduate Education shall convene and chair the Council. The members of the Council will be the Associate Deans for Undergraduate Education for each of the schools in the university or a representative appointed by the school dean. The Chair, or the Chair at the request of any Council member, may invite non-voting participation from other faculty with expertise on any matter before the Council.

Policy History

  • Issued: 1980-05-12
  • Editorial Amendments: 1998-02-02
  • Editorial Amendments: 2000-09-01
  • Editorial Amendments: 2007-01-11
  • Revised: 2008-03-21
  • Revised: 2011-03-30
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