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Committee on Student Scholarships - UTDPP1038

Policy Charge

Student Scholarships

Policy Statement

The Committee on Student Scholarships is a standing, concurrent committee of the Academic Senate of The University of Texas at Dallas.

The Committee reviews and makes recommendations concerning all University policies and procedures in regard to student scholarships. The Committee also serves as the selection committee for all scholarships that require a local selection committee not otherwise specified in the conditions of the program or bequest establishing the scholarship. In addition to any specific criteria governing awards of competitive scholarships to students, such as major field of study, the Committee, after giving primary consideration to the applicant's scores on standardized tests and scholastic records, both as regards the type and nature of courses taken and the grades achieved in specific courses, may consider and give positive weight to such factors as the following in designating recipients:

  • achievements in work experiences
  • community service
  • extracurricular activities; leadership
  • surmounting obstacles to the further pursuit of higher education
  • socioeconomic background
  • educational level
  • status as a first generation college student

The Office of Admission and Enrollment shall submit an annual report on the University's Academic Excellence Scholarship Program to the Committee for review. Committee recommendations for changes and enhancements to the program are forwarded to the Chief Academic Officer.

By November 1, the Chair of the Committee will provide the Speaker of the Faculty with a copy of the agenda established by the Committee for its work during the academic year.

Annually, but no later than August 31, the Chair of the Committee provides the Speaker of the Faculty with a written report for the Academic Senate of the Committee's activities for the prior academic year.

The Committee is composed of eight appointed members selected from among the Associate Deans for Undergraduate Education or Associate Deans for Graduate Education or heads of graduate programs of the schools. In addition, the Dean of Undergraduate Education and the Dean of Graduate Education serve as voting members, ex officio. The Assistant Provost and/or designee overseeing the scholarship administration , the Director of Endowment Services and Compliance, and the Director of the Office of International Education serve as non-voting members, ex officio. The Senior Director of the Office of Financial Aid serves as the Responsible University Official.

Unless specified otherwise in this charge, Committee members are appointed to two-year terms, and the Chair and Vice Chair are appointed annually. The terms for appointed members shall be staggered so that no more than one-half of the terms expire in any one year. Members may be reappointed by the President for additional terms upon nomination of the Academic Council. If for any reason a Committee member resigns, the President, upon nomination of the Academic Council, shall appoint another individual to serve the remainder of the unexpired term.

Policy History

  • Issued: 1978-09-04
  • Revised: 1978-10-30
  • Revised: 1979-11-12
  • Revised: 1980-03-01
  • Revised: 1980-05-01
  • Revised: 1983-06-30
  • Revised: 1984-09-01
  • Revised: 1985-05-13
  • Revised: 1988-09-01
  • Revised: 1990-11-01
  • Revised: 1995-04-04
  • Revised: 1998-09-01
  • Editorial Amendments: 2000-09-01
  • Editorial Amendments: 2002-11-22
  • Revised: 2006-05-16
  • Editorial Amendment: 2008-11-05
  • Editorial Amendment: 2015-05-28
  • Editorial Amendments: 2016-01-07
  • Editorial Amendments: 2018-12-05
  • Revised: 2021-12-14