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Security of Facilities and Personnel - UTDBP3084

Policy Statement

General Policy

General Policy: The procedure and policies set forth herein are intended to provide for the security of facilities and personnel on the UTD campus.

Security of Buildings

  1. Use of Late Doors: The Central Data Acquisition System (CDAS) controls entrance to buildings after hours. Each University building has one designated late entry door; the locks on these doors are electronically controlled. A list of late door entrances/exits for each building is listed on the outdoor signs.

    Those who have authorization to gain entrance to a University building after hours should use the following procedures:

    1. The small black button on the intercom, which is set into the building wall, should be pressed. This step alerts the Police that someone wishes to gain entrance.
    2. The Police will ask for the person's name and his/her reason for gaining entrance.
    3. The person should turn around, face the television camera which is set into the ceiling, and show his/her University I.D.
    4. The Police will then unlock the door.
    5. Once an individual has finished his/her business and wishes to leave, the Police should again be contacted.

    Note: Do not leave by any door other than the designated late entry door. All other doors are wired into an alarm system and opening them will trigger the alarm.

  2. Key Control: Information concerning Key Control is contained in the Physical Plant Section of UTDBP3076.

  3. Use of University I.D. Cards: Every employee or student, while on the UTD campus, should have a UTD identification card in his/her possession.

    When requested by a UTD Police Officer or Guard, an employee or student should show this identification card. This is for security purposes. The UTD Police Officer or Guard must file a Field Interrogation Report if he/she encounters an individual on campus without a University I.D.

    Note: The University I.D. is also required for the use of late doors.

Policy History

  • Issued: 1997-03-27