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Relocation Expenses - UTDBP3098

Policy Statement


To provide guidance regarding payments for relocation expenses.

The University of Texas at Dallas may elect to pay new employees who are relocating to the Dallas / Fort Worth area a flat relocation payment. The employee may use the relocation payment at their discretion. The appropriate Dean or Vice President must approve the payment of relocation expenses and the amount approved must be documented in the written offer of employment. It is strongly recommended that the Letter of Offer require at least a year of service for retention of the relocation payment, and note clearly that the entire amount will appear as taxable income in the employee’s W-2, as no taxes are withheld at time of payment. All payments must comply with Internal Revenue Service guidelines.

Relocation expenses must be paid from institutional funds administered by the department. Institutional funds include designated, auxiliary, unrestricted gifts, restricted gifts and contracts with express approval of the donor or grantor. Funds appropriated by the State of Texas shall not be used to pay for relocation expenditures.

Guidelines for Relocation Expenses

Specific guidance on relocation expenses can be found in the Office of Budget and Finance website under Managing Reimbursements.

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Policy History

  • Issued: 2015-01-30
  • Revised: 2020-07-15