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Faculty Absences Impacting Teaching Responsibilities - UTDPP1112

Policy Statement

Rule 30201 Leave Policies of The University of Texas System's Board of Regents' Rules and Regulations and The University of Texas at Dallas' policies UTDBP3054 Leaves of Absence and UTDPP1051 Faculty Leaves of Absence Without Pay govern leaves of absences. This policy clarifies notification of teaching responsibilities for in-semester faculty absences.

In the event of an absence, the faculty member must notify the direct supervisor, e.g. the department or program head, as soon as possible so that teaching coverage arrangements and disposition of duties can be made in a manner that is least disruptive for students.

Types of Absences

Illness and Personal Emergency Leave: The University of Texas at Dallas provides paid sick leave to employees in accordance with state law. The faculty member must submit the report for all sick leave even though no classes were missed if the absence occurs during the normal workday for regular absences in accordance with UTDBP3054. In the event that illness or incapacity will be prolonged, arrangements for carrying on the faculty member's usual duties must be made through appropriate administrative channels.

Absence for Other Reasons: Faculty absences from assigned duties at the University, whether on University business or personal business, must have prior administrative approval from the direct supervisor. Arrangements must be made to cover classes before approval will be considered. Requests for approval of absences may be made on the same submittal provided for travel authorizations. If a scheduled class is to be missed or canceled, except for reason of illness or personal emergency, or there is to be a substantive reduction in the length of the class period(s), the approval of the direct supervisor, e.g. the head of the department or program, in which the course is listed, must be obtained in advance.

Observance of Religious Holy Days: The faculty member shall be entitled to absence for observance of religious holy days in accordance with UTDBP3048, Section 51.925 of the Texas Education Code and Section 11.20 of the Texas Tax Code subject to the following conditions:

  1. The faculty member should provide a written list of religious holy days to be observed during the semester prior to the first day of classes to his/her direct supervisor, e.g. the department or program head, by email and/or through a face-to-face meeting.
  2. The department or program head will review the faculty member's request and discuss the matter with the faculty member, if needed, before granting administrative approval.
  3. The faculty member in consultation with the department or program head will attempt to provide appropriate class coverage.
  4. If class coverage is not available, the faculty member shall provide advance notice to all students whose class would be cancelled due to his/her absence(s).

Policy History

  • Issued: 2020-02-03