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Roads and Ground Maintenance - UTDBP3078

Policy Statement

Purpose and Scope

UTD's outside physical environment is intended to provide a pleasant first impression to all visitors, students and staff. Providing a safe, clean and relaxing atmosphere also promotes educational growth.

The campus landscape includes all areas outside the University buildings.

  1. Components of this program include:

    • Trees
    • Shrubs
    • Ground Covers
    • Turf Grasses
    • Flowers
    • Athletic Fields
    • Fountains and
    • Irrigation Areas.

All components will be maintained, as funding permits, through professional horticultural and maintenance procedures in such a manner as to provide a healthy, beautiful campus.

General Policy

The servicing, upkeep, and planting, along with other roads and ground maintenance functions are the responsibility of the Physical Plant and are provided as an institutional service (see "Institutional Services," this section).

Demands of the landscaping functions are many and require year-round maintenance attention. It is often difficult to meet all these demands due to climatic conditions, construction interference or the carelessness of a few individuals. A great deal of time, energy and planning has been expended by Physical Plant personnel to make the UTD landscape appealing and constructive to the educational process. Although grounds maintenance and care is the responsibility of the Physical Plant, good maintenance practices should be encouraged by the faculty, staff and students throughout the University.

UTD is equipped with a greenhouse to provide flowers for use throughout the campus. To maintain this service economically and efficiently, it is requested that all personnel refrain from touching plants, cutting flowers or using plant pots as ashtrays or trash cans.

In addition, UTD is continually improving the conservation of Texas natural resources (water and electricity). UTD also follows an Integrated Pest Management Program.

Maintenance and Care Frequencies

The following schedule lists the minimum frequencies of maintenance and care performed to ensure that University roads and grounds standards are maintained, assuming there are not climatic, construction or other interferences:

Operation Frequency
Pick-up of litter Daily
Sweeping of walks, streets
and parking lots
Irrigation Daily
Cleaning of tennis courts Weekly
Mowing Weekly
Edging Weekly
Hedge trimming Weekly
Raking of leaves, twigs, etc. Weekly
Spraying Monthly
Aerification Monthly
Weed removal from beds Bi-monthly
Fertilization Tri-annually
Flower and bed preparation Tri-annually
Landscaping Seasonally
Watering Seasonally
Vertical mowing Semi-annually
Pruning of trees Semi-annually
Winter over-seeding Annually

If these frequencies are not being met, except for legitimate reasons (climatic conditions, construction, etc.), call the Physical Plant at Ext. 2177.

Recycle Program

The Physical Plant is responsible for the University material recycle program which includes the recycling of paper, glass, aluminum and metal cans. Proceeds gained by the University from this program are used to supplement various scholarship funds.

Containers are located throughout the campus and are clearly marked for the deposit of specific types of materials to be recycled. Members of the UTD community are urged to actively participate in this program by depositing waste materials in the appropriate, marked containers.

The local community is also encouraged to participate in the recycle program by bringing recyclable waste to the general depository located at the west end of Drive E anytime during the week or on weekends.

University personnel may leave sheet paper to be recycled in the paper recycle boxes located in each building.

Policy History

  • Issued: 1997-09-29