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Employee Performance Appraisal Policy - UTDBP3091

Policy Statement

It is the policy of The University of Texas at Dallas that all faculty and staff will have their job performance evaluated on an annual basis.

The performance appraisal is an opportunity for supervisors to develop, encourage, and recognize positive performance and work place behaviors, and to proactively identify and apply appropriate corrective measures to address any concerns impacting the employee’s ability to meet the established performance expectations.


The purpose of the annual performance appraisal process includes aligning the responsibilities of each job with the mission of UTD and the mission of the employing department; encouraging and improving open communication between supervisors and their staff; documenting the professional growth and development needs and achievements of employees; and collecting data to support analysis and decisions in staffing, compensation and training.

Supplemental appraisals performed outside the annual review cycle may also be warranted in circumstances such as a significant change in job duties or acceptance of a new position, a change in departmental leadership or direct supervision, or as deemed necessary as part of the performance management process.

Appraisals for Staff

  1. Appraisals will be completed for those who are employed during the review period in any capacity or classification (e.g. A&P, classified, wage, temporary, or in a regular budgeted position) at any FTE level for 4.5 months or greater.
  2. The annual appraisal must be conducted within the first quarter of each calendar year (from January 1 to March 31). An annual appraisal will not be required if an employee is within their probationary period during this time frame. The probationary review must be completed at the end of the probationary period.
  3. The original copy of the appraisal is due to the Office of Human Resources by the 5th working day of April.
  4. Employees who do not agree with their appraisal must submit a written response within 20 working days of receiving their appraisal. The written response must be provided to the employee's supervisor, with a copy provided to the Office of Human Resources to be filed along with the appraisal in the employee's employment file. The supervisor shall consider the employee's written response and shall modify the appraisal as the supervisor deems appropriate, with a copy of any modification provided to the Office of Human Resources. The content of an appraisal may not be grieved further except when the employee is alleging illegal discrimination or some other unlawful act.
  5. Student workers, Graduate Research Assistants, and employees working in a temporary assignment that is less than 4.5 months are excluded from this policy.

Appraisals for Faculty and Teaching Assistants

Appraisals for Faculty and Teaching Assistants will be completed in accordance with the UTD Faculty Annual Review Policy currently being reviewed by OGC for inclusion in the UTD HOP.

Resources for Completing Annual Appraisals

Performance appraisal training provided by the Office of Human Resources

  1. New supervisors are expected to complete performance appraisal training prior to appraising their subordinates for the first time at UT Dallas.
  2. All supervisors are encouraged to attend training periodically to maintain current knowledge and best practices in performance management.
  3. In support of a productive and interactive dialogue between employee and supervisor, employees in non-supervisory roles are also encouraged to complete training courses available through HR that may offer assistance and guidance in the review process.

The Office of Human Resources is available to all employees to assist with the performance appraisal process.

Policy History

  • Issued: 2006-11-21
  • Revised: 2013-07-10