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Employment Section - UTDBP3049

Policy Statement

Casual Labor

Casual Labor individuals provide short-term, peak-load, or emergency assistance to the University for short periods of time, not to exceed seven (7) days in duration.

Typical of Casual Labor are those who assist:

  1. During University registration.
  2. In the publication of a catalog.

NOTE: "Casual Labor" status does not apply to Staff Services Personnel or Callier substitute teachers or similar appointments. Persons hired as Casual Labor are not eligible for UTD insurance, retirement, and other employee benefits except those required by law. Individuals may not be hired as Casual Labor in order to overcome or circumvent pay administration procedures. The use of Casual Labor will be monitored by the Human Resources Office and abuses will be reported to the Senior Vice President for Administration.


The rate of pay for Casual Labor is the starting minimum hourly rate for each Classification Code. Persons employed as casual laborers are appointed through the appropriate HRS form. (See HRS Manual, Personnel Events Section.)

Procedure for Hiring

The procedure for hiring Casual Labor is as follows:

  1. The administrative head will, by memorandum to the Senior Vice President for Administration, request the use of Casual Labor and include information regarding:
    1. Description of the work to be performed and the number of individuals required.
    2. Explanation as to why regular employees cannot perform the service.
    3. Duration of employment in days and total work hours.
    4. Hourly rate of pay.
  2. Following written approval from the Senior Vice President for Administration, work may be commenced. Employment eligibility must also be established before work commences.
  3. The administrative head will forward to the Human Resources Office a copy of the memorandum requesting use of Casual Labor along with written approval from the Senior Vice President for Administration.
  4. The appropriate HRS form must be initiated by the hiring department. A Personal Data Form (PDF), W-4 Form and I-9 Form must accompany the HRS form.

Policy History

  • Issued: 1998-06-01
  • Revised: 2000-02-18