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Policy Statement

General Policy

  1. General Policy: All University-owned motor vehicles, including electric carts, must be managed by the University Fleet Manager as designated by the Vice President of Facilities & Economic Development to ensure compliance with State regulations.
  2. State regulations require that the acquisition of all road licensed motor vehicles be approved by the University Fleet Manager prior to purchase. The Office of Procurement Management will ensure that this approval is documented prior to the release of a purchase order.
  3. Upon delivery, all University-owned motor vehicles must be delivered to the Facilities Management Garage located in the Safety and Grounds (SG) building for registration, licensing, application of decals, and numbering required by State law or the University.
  4. Liability Insurance Coverage: Officers and employees of The University of Texas System are insured for liability and property damage resulting from accidents occurring with university-owned motor vehicles. For additional information, consult the UTD Office of Risk Management.
    Inclusion of a motor vehicle under the UT System insurance policy occurs once the motor vehicle is registered, as required in paragraph 3.
  5. Responsibilities of the Driver: The responsibilities of the driver of University-owned vehicles are to:
    1. Observe and obey all local, state and federal laws.
    2. Use reasonable care in operating and maintaining vehicle.
    3. Use vehicle for official University business only.
    4. Have a valid State of Texas Driver's License and complete driver safety training every 3 years.
    5. Secure and lock vehicle when unattended.
    6. Complete Monthly Use Report (mileage log) on a daily basis.
    7. Report any and all vehicle malfunctions or maintenance needs and schedule for service.
    8. Check vehicle for valid state registration sticker and current proof of insurance.
    9. Bring the vehicle to the FM Garage once a year for a safety inspection during the month that the annual State inspection is due.
    10. Keep vehicle exterior clean and repaired to maintain the appearance and vehicle body (i.e. avoid deterioration of paint and rust).
  6. In the case of vehicle failure, notify your immediate supervisor who will report the problem to the Automotive Shop Supervisor at ext. 2261.
  7. Credit Cards: Fleet cards for the purchase of gasoline, oil and minor maintenance for vehicles are available from the Automotive Shop Supervisor. The purpose of these cards is for servicing University-owned vehicles on trips away from UTD.
    1. Restrictions

      Restrictions on the Use of University-Owned Vehicles: Certain restrictions must be placed on the operation and use of University-owned vehicles to protect the State's interest and promote the safety of all concerned.

      1. Utilization is restricted solely for the purpose of conducting official UTD business.
      2. Vehicle operators must hold, at their expense, an appropriate valid Texas operator's license for the type of vehicle operated.
      3. Vehicles are subject to compulsory state and local inspections as required by law, and any expense involved will be charged to the department operating the vehicle.
      4. Use of University-owned vehicles for pickup and deliveries off campus is strictly limited to official UTD business.
      5. Vehicles may not be altered in any manner without the written approval of the University Fleet Manager. Vehicles must display all decals and numbering as required by State law or the University.

      Reporting Accidents

      Reporting Accidents: Accidents must be reported to the UTD Office of Risk Management within 24 hours of occurrence. Risk Management will process all claims. Please refer to Risk Management webpages for procedures regarding accident reporting.

      Any vehicle involved in an accident will receive a safety inspection by FM Garage Services before being returned to service.

      University Vehicles

      1. Use of Vehicles: University vehicles are State of Texas property and are to be used only for official University of Texas business.
      2. Motor Vehicle Use Reporting:
        1. State law requires each driver of a University-owned vehicle to complete a Monthly Use Report (mileage log).
        2. Each month, mail or deliver the reports to Facilities Management, Mail Station FM11. Facilities Management personnel will input this data into the Texas Fleet Management System.
      3. Operational Expense Reporting:
        1. State law requires state agencies and universities to report operational expenses for motor vehicles, including but not limited to fuel, preventative maintenance, repairs and other expenses.
        2. All data for fuel, repairs, and services provided by FM Garage Services will be input into the Texas Fleet Management System.
        3. For vehicle maintenance or repair service performed by outside vendors, documentation should be attached each month to the Monthly Use Report and mailed or delivered to Facilities Management, Mail Station FM11. FM personnel will input this data into the Texas Fleet Management System.

      Maintenance, Repair and Upkeep

      Facilities Management (FM) Garage Services has the responsibility for maintaining all records for preventive maintenance servicing and repairs of campus vehicles.

      FM Garage Services provides maintenance, repair, and exterior cleaning services for University-owned vehicles, which is available to all departments. The cost of labor and parts is charged to the responsible department through the work order system. Documentation of services or repairs of vehicles provided by an outside vendor must be provided to the Automotive Shop Supervisor on a monthly basis for reporting requirements to the State.

      On an annual basis, vehicles are called in for a review of operating condition and annual state inspection. All university vehicles must display a current State Vehicle Registration sticker and any other decals required by State law or the University. Under no circumstances will a university vehicle be placed in active service unless it is in good operating condition.

      The physical appearance of University-owned vehicles is a reflection of the public image of the University. It is therefore imperative that the appearance be maintained at an acceptable level. If in the view of the University Fleet Manager repairs/repainting of a vehicle are required, the vehicle custodian will be advised and a deadline set to achieve the required repairs/repainting.

      Questions regarding vehicle maintenance and repair should be directed to the Automotive Shop Supervisor (Ext. 2261).

      Services are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

      Gasoline Availability

      Gasoline services are provided for all University-owned vehicles at the gasoline pumps located on the north side of the Safety and Grounds (SG) building. Vehicles other than those owned by UTD shall not use these facilities.

      Facilities Management will purchase unleaded gasoline and sell it to University users. The facility is self-service and users are required to register through the Automotive Shop Supervisor.

Policy History

  • Issued: 1997-10-20
  • Revised 2-09-09