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Motor Vehicles - UTDBP3062

Policy Statement

General Policy

  1. General Policy: The University maintains a limited fleet of passenger and other specialty-type vehicles, which may be rented by the faculty and staff for official University business including academic-related purposes. Types of vehicles available for rental are sedans, station wagons and 15-passenger vans.

  2. Liability Insurance Coverage: Officers and employees of The University of Texas System are insured for public liability and property damage resulting from accidents occurring with university-owned motor vehicles. For additional information, consult with the Garage Foreman, ext. 2261, PP11.

  3. Vehicle Request: Departments or functions desiring to rent a vehicle must complete a Request for Transportation form (see Exhibit F7) stating:

    1. Number of vehicles required.
    2. Type of vehicle(s) needed.
    3. Date and time of pick up.
    4. Date and time of return.
    5. Purpose of trip and destination.
    6. UTD account number to be charged for rent of the vehicle.
    7. Driver's name, who must have attended Driver's Training and have an approved MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) on file.

    Requests for vehicles to be used for field trips or activities requiring drivers who are students or non-UTD employees will require Deans, Directors, or Department Heads to sign an affidavit (see Exhibit F7) assuring the University that all drivers will possess a valid, acceptable driver's license.

    Rates for the rental of vehicles will be furnished upon request from Transportation Services, ext. 2261. Vehicle damage beyond normal wear and tear caused by operator carelessness or negligence will be charged to the department.

  4. Vehicle Returns: The department or function is required to return the vehicle(s) at the time and to the place indicated, along with vehicle keys, credit card(s), and completed and signed daily travel report(s) (see Exhibit F8).

  5. Responsibilities of the Driver: The responsibilities of the driver of University-owned vehicles are to:

    1. Observe and obey all local, state and federal laws.

    2. Use reasonable care in operating and maintaining vehicle.

    3. Have valid State of Texas Driver's License.

    4. Secure and lock vehicle when unattended.

    5. Complete and return daily vehicle report, keys, and any other assigned items, as scheduled.

    6. Report any and all vehicle malfunctions or maintenance needs at the time of vehicle return.

    7. When refueling, have the following checked and, if necessary, serviced:

      1. Engine oil (use high grade #30 H.D. premium)
      2. Radiator antifreeze
      3. Battery water
      4. Windshield washer fluid
      5. Lights, including signal
      6. Transmission oil
      7. Tires, including spare
    8. Obtain receipts for all purchases. Show vehicle license plate number on the receipt with a description of the item(s) and cost of each.

    Note: Also see "Excerpts from Texas Penal Code, Texas Government Code and Texas Transportation Code" (see Exhibit F9).

    In the event of accident, follow the "Instructions to Drivers" as outlined in the packet located in the vehicle glove compartment. (Also see "Reporting Accidents," F10-110.0, this section.)

    In the case of vehicle failure, notify your immediate supervisor who will report the problem to the Garage Foreman at ext. 2261. After hours call (972) 336- 7385, which is the digital pager for the Garage Foreman.

  6. Credit Cards: Credit cards for the purchase of gasoline, oil and minor maintenance for vehicles are available from the Foreman, Transportation Services. The purpose of these cards is for servicing UTD pool vehicles on trips away from UTD.


Restrictions on the Use of University-Owned Vehicles: Certain restrictions must be placed on the operation and use of University-owned vehicles to protect the State's interest and promote the safety of all concerned.

  1. Utilization is restricted solely for the purpose of conducting official UTD business.
  2. Vehicle operators must hold, at their expense, an appropriate valid Texas operator's license for the type of vehicle operated.
  3. Vehicles are subject to compulsory state and local inspections as required by law, and any expense involved will be charged to the appropriate department.
  4. Use of University-owned vehicles for pickup and deliveries off campus is strictly limited to official UTD business.
  5. Vehicles may not be altered in any manner without the written approval of the Vice President for Administration. Requests must be directed through the Manager of Transportation Services.

Reporting Accidents

Reporting Accidents: The procedure for reporting accidents or occurrences which may lead to claims should be:

  1. Accidents or Occurrences on Public Streets, Roads or Highways:

    1. Do not move the vehicle until authorized by the investigating police agency. If the accident should occur in a congested or dangerous area and no one is hurt in either vehicle, drive to the side of the road or to the nearest exit.

    2. Notify, or have notified, local emergency service and, if necessary, ambulance.

    3. Call local police. Tell police that a state vehicle has been involved in an accident and a police report is needed. Report facts in detail to the local police only. Do not sign a statement or document concerning the accident, except for a licensed authority such as the number. If the police will not come to the information from the driver of the vehicle. police. Ask for the police report accident site, get the following

      • Name
      • Address
      • Phone Number
      • Name of Insurance Company & Policy Number
      • Driver's License Number
      • Color, Make and Model of Vehicle
      • License Plate Number
    4. Immediately notify Transportation Services at (972) 883-2261 (leave a message if after business hours) who will notify the insurance carrier, arrange for the insurance adjusters to inspect the vehicles and make necessary reports to UTD and the U.T. System.

  2. Accidents or Occurrences on UTD/Richardson or UTD/Callier Center Property

    1. Do not move the vehicle until authorized by the investigating police agency.

    2. Notify the UTD Police who will call local emergency service, if necessary, and make a report on the accident. NOTE: Do NOT sign a statement or document concerning the incident, except for a licensed authority such as police.

University Vehicles

  1. Use of Vehicles: University vehicles are State of Texas property and are to be used only for official University of Texas business. (See Excerpts from Texas Penal Code, Section 31.07 - "Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle," Exhibit F9.)

  2. Filing of State Auditor's Mileage Reports:

    1. Vehicle use reports for all UTD vehicles (see Exhibit F8) must be completed daily, as indicated on the report.

    2. Each week, mail or deliver the reports to the Manager of Transportation Services, Mail Station AD11. The Transportation Services Office personnel will:

      1. Organize these reports for the State Auditor, and

      2. Develop and provide monthly vehicle inventory and use reports to the University and the U.T. System.

Policy History

  • Issued: 1997-10-20