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Health and Safety of Personnel Students and Visitors - UTDBP3085

Policy Statement

General Policy

General Policy: The University strives to safeguard the health and safety of its personnel, students, and visitors and to maintain safe and secure campus environments. The annual report of campus crime statistics reflects the current status of the campus environment. Therefore, step-by-step procedures have been established to deal with emergencies such as accidents, medical situations, fires, crimes against persons and/or property.

In addition, this section also addresses non-emergency situations and describes civil action incidents which might involve the Texas Tort Claims Act (see UTDBP3086).

Student Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act

UTD Policy

In compliance with the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act (the Act) 20 U.S.C. Sections 1092 (a), (e) and (f), as amended, The University of Texas at Dallas collects specified information on campus crime statistics, campus security policies, and institutional completion or graduation rates.

Pursuant to the federal law, alleged victims of violent crimes are entitled to know the results of campus student disciplinary proceedings concerning the alleged perpetrators.

U.T. Dallas will make timely reports to the campus community on crimes considered to be a threat to students and employees and reported to the campus police or local police agencies.

Every September, the Police Department at U.T. Dallas will publish and mail to faculty, staff, and all registered students an annual report of campus security policies and crime statistics; provide copies of the report to applicants for enrollment or employment upon request; and submit a copy of the report to the Secretary of Education upon request. Additional copies of the report are distributed to the offices of the President, Vice Presidents, Registrar, News & Information, Institutional Research, Deans, Financial Aid, Human Resources, Library, Enrollment Services, and the Callier Center for Communication Disorders. The annual campus crime statistics report will reference crimes which occur on property owned or controlled by U.T. Dallas and may be supplemented by listing crimes which occur off of the campus in buildings or on property owned or controlled by student organizations that are registered by the University when such statistics are available from local police departments.

The U.T. Dallas Office of Student Life will annually calculate and disclose institutional completion or graduation rates for undergraduate students to all prospective and current students. (The federal requirement for calculation of a completion or graduation rate applies only to institutions of higher education that admit undergraduate students who are enrolling for the first time at an institution of higher education and have not enrolled previously at any other institution of higher education.) A copy of this report is mailed to all registered students each semester and is available to prospective students upon request.

U.T. Dallas will publish, each September, in the annual security report, its policy regarding sex-related offenses, including sexual assault prevention programs, education programs to promote awareness of sex offenses, administrative disciplinary procedures and sanctions for offenders, resource numbers for drug and alcohol abuse programs, and counseling and student services for victims.

Policy History

  • Issued: 1997-03-27