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Travel Expenses

Policy Statement

The University of Texas at Dallas travel policy is intended to provide for the reasonable needs of travelers, control travel expenditures, and comply with UT System Policies, State and Federal Rules and Regulations. All travel reimbursements must be for actual, reasonable and necessary expenses, incurred for official University business, and authorized by the appropriate supervisor. Travel must be authorized in writing prior to incurring any travel related expenses. Airfare arrangements must be booked through one of the contracted travel agencies. Information on travel agencies as well as The University of Texas at Dallas travel reimbursement policy, procedures and guidelines, including the current travel agents and car rental agents can be found on the Arranging Travel Page. Some sources of institutional funds (such as gifts or grants) may impose additional restrictions and approvals on travelers.

Employee travel must be planned and conducted to achieve economy and efficiency considering all relevant circumstances while complying with this policy and related guidelines or procedures. Travel expenses must be reasonable, appropriately documented and properly authorized.

Guidelines for Travel Expenses

Lodging: Conference Hotel expenses will be paid or reimbursed at the standard conference rate. Non-conference hotel expenses should be reasonable but may not exceed the GSA lodging allowance without approval from the traveler's Fiscal Officer, Dean or Vice President.

Meals: Employees in travel status overnight will be reimbursed the lesser of the actual cost of meals or the GSA meals allowance. Travelers who do not incur an overnight stay are not eligible for meal reimbursement.


  • Rental vehicles will be reimbursed or paid via direct bill for university business. The university's contracted car rental company's rental cost includes insurance coverage. If a rental vehicle is used for both personal and University business, only the portion attributable to University business will be reimbursed.
  • Mileage reimbursement shall be based on the shortest, most cost effective and reasonably safe route.

University faculty or staff may only be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred. Travelers may be required to submit a supplemental explanation or other documentation to substantiate charges that exceed established guidelines.

Additional guidance and travel forms can be found on the Procurement Travel Management Page.

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Policy History

  • Issued: 2016-03-14