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Intellectual Property Advisory Committee - UTDPP1083

Policy Charge

Intellectual Property Advisory Committee

Policy Statement

Title and Purpose

The Intellectual Property Advisory Committee ("Committee") is a concurrent committee reporting to the Senate and the President. Its purpose is defined in The University of Texas at Dallas Intellectual Property Policy (UTDPP1002), and Regent's Rule 90102, consistent with general law and practice. Accordingly, it has two main responsibilities. It shall "help administer intellectual property policy and make recommendations on such related matters as may be requested" and it "shall recommend to the President as to whether and how UT Dallas and UT System should assert and protect rights in intellectual property covered by this policy."


The committee shall have seven voting members appointed from among the voting faculty to provide broad representation of faculty research interests in the university. Members shall serve staggered two year terms. One voting member from the faculty will be Chair, one will be Vice-Chair.

Voting members shall be appointed according to the procedures in the Handbook of Operating Procedures III.21. IV. B. Vacancies that arise from resignation or departure shall be filled in the same manner.

Ex-officio members, with vote, shall be the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Vice President for Administration or his designee, and the Associate Vice President for Technology Commercialization.

The President, at his or her discretion, may appoint up to three non-voting non-UT Dallas members to advise the voting members.


The Responsible University Official is the Vice President for Research. If a disagreement should arise between the Committee and the Vice President for Research that cannot be resolved, the Chair of the Committee shall refer the matter to the Speaker of the Faculty. The Responsible University Official is similarly obligated to refer the matter to the President of the university. The Speaker of the Faculty will work with the President to resolve this disagreement.

Activities and Schedule

The committee shall meet at least once a semester and as called by the Chair.

Annual Reports

The Committee shall submit an annual report to the Senate and President. The report shall describe all cases in which intellectual property rights might have been asserted, the cases among these in which such rights actually were asserted, and any disputes that arose between the university and the inventors. The report shall also include any changes the Committee may recommend to University or System policy.

Policy History

  • Issued: 2011-03-16
  • Editorial Amendments: 2011-03-30
  • Editorial Amendments: 2012-03-07
  • Editorial Amendments: 2018-12-05
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