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Physical Plant General Purpose and Scope - UTDBP3073

Policy Statement

Purpose and Scope

The Physical Plant is responsible for the maintenance, servicing and oversight control of all physical properties at UTD which include:

  • General services (move support, trash disposal, acquisition of general classroom and laboratory furniture)
  • Building maintenance,
  • Grounds maintenance and care,
  • Vehicle maintenance,
  • Utilities management
  • Construction and remodeling, and
  • Facility safety and fire prevention.

The Physical Plant (see Exhibit G1, organizational chart) is dependent upon internal regulatory measures and procedures which provide a series of checks and balances through defined authorities for:

  • Work generation,
  • Accurate estimation of labor and material requirements,
  • Planning and scheduling of work,
  • Effective, efficient, and economical execution of work,
  • Generation of statistical data for analysis and upgrading of existing methods and procedures.

A sufficient degree of flexibility is inherent within this system to make it functional but not to the extent that control and integrity are destroyed.

General Policy

The amount of funds requested by the Physical Plant for institutional services (see “Institutional Services,” this section) is based upon estimates of future University growth and statistical analysis of previously collected data. Funds for departmental maintenance and service needs (see “Departmental Services,” this section) must be allocated by each individual department. Therefore, it is important that each department accurately estimates its anticipated service requirements when preparing annual budget requests.

Generally, requests from departments for all types of services exceed the capacity of Physical Plant manpower and available funds. With realistic departmental planning, this funding shortfall can be reduced to a minimum. Until equalization of requests and Physical Plant capabilities are realized, work requests must be handled on a “first come-first serve” basis and will be adjusted to the availability of resources unless the nature of the work makes it urgent or an emergency (see “Work Priorities,” this section).

Hours of Operation

Normal hours of operation for the Physical Plant are:

Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Normal hours of operation for custodial services are:

Monday through Friday 10:30 p.m. - 6:00 a.m.

Emergency and Holiday Coverage

Emergency and holiday coverage by the Physical Plant is intended to assist UTD personnel with emergency situations after normal hours of operation. It is only for that purpose.

Maintenance personnel are on duty twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days a week (including holidays). After normal hours of operation, all emergency requests should be reported to the CDAS (Central Data Acquisition System) operation at Ext. 2147. The CDAS operator will take the appropriate action to deal with the emergency.

Services Provided

Institutional Services

Services provided by the Physical Plant which are for the general benefit and welfare of UTD are considered institutional services. Such services include:

  • Building lighting,
  • Heating and air conditioning balancing,
  • Drinking water,
  • Elevator services,
  • Restroom facilities,
  • Cleaning of buildings,
  • Gathering of trash,
  • Grounds maintenance, and
  • Building repair and maintenance.

Funds required to make these services possible come from the approved budget of the Physical Plant and, as such, are provided without charge to individual departments.

Physical Plant personnel maintain a surveillance of the University physical facilities and services to ensure their proper functioning, to rectify maintenance problems or to institute measures, such as preventive maintenance, to eliminate or reduce recurring problems. However, the number of facilities and services to be inspected and maintained is increasing. Therefore, all other UTD personnel are asked to report any maintenance or service problems to the Physical Plant. The procedure for reporting problems is described under “Request for Services,” this section.

Departmental Services

Departmental services are provided by the Physical Plant at the request of individual departments and are paid for by the requesting department. Such services are defined as those performed on furniture, furnishings and equipment assigned to a department or those which will directly benefit the requesting department. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Fabrication of furnishings or equipment for departmental use,
  • Repair of equipment which is on a departmental inventory,
  • Supply of materials for departmental use, and
  • Rendering of requested services by a department to meet its own needs.

When materials and labor are provided for a departmental request, charges are made to appropriate departmental accounts. Certain types of Physical Plant labor, such as professional services by engineers and landscape architects, design and drafting time, and supervision of the project are not charges against the requesting department, but instead are absorbed by the Physical Plant. Prior to requesting departmental services, a department may request a cost estimate of the labor and material costs for the specific project to insure that the department has adequate funds to cover the cost of a project.

Making a request for Physical Plant services is described under “Request for Services,” this section.

Professional Services

The Physical Plant has a professional staff of engineers, draftsmen, and a landscape architect who are available upon request to assist personnel in the planning, designing, and estimating of facility modifications or expansions. These services are provided at no cost to the requestor, but must be scheduled with a lower priority than other projects. Requests for these services should be via the Work Request form (see Exhibit G2) using the procedure detailed under “Request for Services,” this section.

Precedence of Services

Normally, institutional services will be given priority over departmental services since the former provides for the general benefit and welfare of the entire University. Departmental services are considered as important as institutional services; however, they affect only a small segment of UTD’s population.

Departmental work requests are scheduled in the order they are received by the Physical Plant unless an urgent or emergency requirement for the work exists, in which case, efforts will be made to expedite the request.

Professional services will normally receive a lower work priority than either institutional or departmental services because of the less urgent nature of work involved.

Estimates by the Physical Plant on a completion date for work requested should be regarded only as an estimate and not as a firm commitment. This is due to the large volume of scheduled and unscheduled emergency work which must be accomplished.

Work involving capital improvements and remodeling is accomplished according to priorities established by the University.

Building Configuration Control

The Physical Plant has been given responsibility by the President to monitor and control internal and external configurations of all University buildings, facilities, utilities, and attached furnishings (i.e., blackboards, bulletin boards, door signs, etc.).

Therefore, approval through the Physical Plant must be obtained prior to altering any buildings, facilities, utilities, or installing or removing attached furnishings. A properly completed Work Request form (see Exhibit G2) should be submitted to the Physical Plant for any such configuration changes using the procedure outlined under “Request for Services,” this section.

Callier Center Operations

The policies governing the Physical Plant and its functions at the UTD main campus are also applicable at the Callier Center. The procedures for controlling the Physical Plant’s scope of work at the UTD main campus also apply to the Callier Center with minor revisions to meet organizational and operational requirements of the Center.

All Physical Plant responsibilities at Callier are delegated to the Supervisor, Maintenance and Operations, who also functions as the Center’s Maintenance Planner/Scheduler. All work requests, verbal or written, should be made to the Physical Plant Work Control Supervisor, PP11 or 883-2117. If urgent or emergency work is required during normal hours of operation (see “Priorities,” this section), please contact the Physical Plant Callier Supervisor at Ext. 3075, Rm. A138.

The normal hours of operation for Physical Plant operations at Callier are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. After normal hours of operation, urgent or emergency requests should be directed to the UTD CDAS operator (883-2147) or the UTD University Police (883-2331).

The normal working hours for custodial services at the Callier Center are Monday through Friday, 5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. (These times may vary as the need arises.)

Policy History

  • Issued: 1997-09-29