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Student Location Policy - UTDPP1113

Policy Statement

Determining student location is important to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations. Out-of-State educational activities are subject to the regulations of states and territories within which they occur. Professional licensure requirements also vary by location and disclosures to students are required when a program does not meet the requirements within the student’s location.


Student Location - Physical location of the student while enrolled and taking courses at the university. Location may be updated after formal receipt of information from student.

State Authorization - The authorization of an institution in the states and territories where it provides educational activities. May apply but is not limited to higher education, general purpose, and professional licensure regulations.


Student Location is determined at the time of registration and is based on the mailing address submitted by the student. Student location is used for State Authorization purposes and may differ from the student’s residence.

Student location will only be updated after a formal receipt of a change of location. Formal receipt is an update of student’s mailing address in the student information system.

Professional Licensure Programs

If a student is registered for a program in a licensure field, the student will receive a disclosure prior to the first day of courses if the program does not lead to licensure in their location. Additionally, the student will receive a disclosure prior to the first day of courses if the institution has not made a determination if the program leads to licensure in their location. If registration occurs after the first day of the term, the student will receive a disclosure prior to census day.

Policy History

  • Issued: 2020-06-30