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Official Academic Transcript Notation - UTDPP1095

Policy Statement

The official academic transcript is a student's complete academic record. If the student enrolled at The University of Texas at Dallas as both an undergraduate and graduate student, then the undergraduate and graduate transcripts are issued together.

Academic review and approval of any new program or revision of an existing program (degree, major, minor, concentration, designation, and academic certificate) must be secured through the governance process as notated within the following policies: UTDPP1120 Academic Credentials Policy - Micro-credentials, Certificates, Digital Badges, and Recognition of Completion, UTDPP1008 Council of Undergraduate Education, UTDPP1023 Committee on Educational Policy, and UTDPP1053 Council on Graduate Education, and the Academic Senate. Upon final approval, the new or revised programs will be published in the academic catalog. Depending on the student's undeclared or declared major status, the program plan (major and, as applicable, minor, concentration, designation, and/or academic certificate) will be recorded on the official transcript.

The Office of the Registrar retains a listing of approved items recorded on the official transcript. At the minimum, the official transcript includes the student's legal name, the student's identification number, transfer credit summary, credits earned by examination, term by term course history including earned units and grade point average (GPA), cumulative earned units and GPA, and degrees awarded by The University of Texas at Dallas including majors, concentrations, minors, designations, academic certificates, and honors, as applicable.

Texas state law requires public institutions to include the following notations on the undergraduate official transcript: Texas Success Initiative status, Core Curriculum Completion notation and Six Drop notation.

In accordance with University policy, diplomas will show the official name of the degree and major and if applicable, academic honors. Diplomas will not display minors, concentrations, designations, and academic certificates.

The Responsible University Official (RUO) is the University Registrar.

Policy History

  • Issued: 2015-11-23
  • Revised: 2023-02-28