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Contract Administration - UTDBP3101

Policy Statement

The University of Texas at Dallas requires that all contracts executed by the University, unless specifically exempted by the President, be reviewed and approved through a formal process and in accordance with Regents Rules and UT System Policy.

The Office of Contract Administration is responsible for ensuring the appropriate review and approval of all contracts that fall within the scope of this policy. The Office of Contract Administration is responsible for creating and maintaining a well-defined administrative control environment designed to ensure that management exercises proper oversight when executing contracts on behalf of the University. For purposes of this policy, the term "contract" includes, but is not limited to, agreements, cooperative agreements, memoranda of understanding, interagency agreements, easements, licenses, leases, permits and gift agreements which create a budgetary obligation beyond ordinary administrative expenses, or any amendments thereto. Research grants, sponsored activities and intellectual property agreements related to research fall outside this policy and are administered through the Office of Research.

The authority to enter into contracts on behalf of the University is expressly granted through a written delegation of authority. University officials with delegated authority to sign contracts are responsible for ensuring that such documents have been reviewed by the Office of Contract Administration prior to final execution.

Guidelines for Contract Administration

The Office of Contract Administration is responsible for developing specific procedures and forms related to the routing, review and approval of contracts.

Additional Information

University of Texas System Policy: UTS Contract Processing
Regents Rules and Regulations Rule 10501: Delegation to Act on Behalf of the Board
University of Texas System Procedure: UTS Contract Review Procedures

Policy History

  • Issued: 2015-04-01
  • Editorial Amendments: 2016-10-18