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Risk Insurance for Camps and Clinics Involving Minors Policy - UTDBP3012

Policy Statement

The University of Texas System Board of Regents’ Rule 80601 states that “...the terms of any insurance policies and surety bonds, other than life, disability and health insurance policies, for any UT System institution shall be negotiated by The University of Texas System Director of Risk Management.”

For University-sponsored Events

The University of Texas at Dallas considers all camps and clinics that involve minors, no matter the activity, to be high risk activities and requires the event coordinator to purchase special risk accident and liability insurance via the UT System Camp Insurance Program. The insurance rates are very affordable and can be included in the participants’ registration fees, if applicable.

When planning a camp or clinic, the event coordinator must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Special Events Risk Assessment Form.
  2. Obtain the required signature approvals.
  3. Submit the Special Events Risk Assessment Form to the UTD Office of Risk Management. If the event involves a third party, the appropriate certificate of insurance must accompany the Special Events Risk Assessment Form.
  4. Complete and submit the Camp Insurance Application (sports or education) to the UT System contact. See Camp Insurance Enrollment Instructions. The application should include a best estimate of the anticipated number of participants.
  5. Ensure that the appropriate procedures are followed to complete the payment process.
  6. The UT System contact will inform the UT Dallas Office of Risk Management that the required insurance purchase has been made. Subsequently, the Special Events Risk Assessment Form will be approved by the UT Dallas Office or Risk Management and returned to the event coordinator. Note: The Special Events Risk Assessment Form will not be approved if the insurance requirement is not met.
  7. Conduct a criminal background check for each camp/clinic staff member who is not employed by UT Dallas through the University Police Department. This requirement includes all volunteers. Note: Persons whose background checks present questionable findings are not permitted to be associated with the camp.
  8. Prior to the camp/clinic, obtain a completed copy of the applicable Release and Indemnification Agreement, for Minors or Adults and the Medical Information and Release Form from all camp participants and staff members, including volunteers, who are not employed by UT Dallas. Copies of these forms are to be maintained by the camp/clinic event coordinator for two years subsequent to the final day of the camp.
  9. If security and/or special parking are/is desired, then the event coordinator should contact the University Police Department and/or the Parking & Traffic Office.

Visit http://www.utdallas.edu/administration/ to access the following information:

  • Special Events Risk Assessment Form
  • Special Events Risk Assessment Guidelines that includes the Release and Indemnification Agreements (Minor and Adults)

For Non University-sponsored Events

The Tenants and Users' Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) will be used for approved third parties to use UT Dallas facilities for camps/clinics if the third party is unable to provide its own liability policy naming The Board of Regents of the UT System and UT Dallas as additional insured. The TULIP protects the third party facility user, The Board of Regents of the UT System and UT Dallas against claims by additional third parties who may be injured or suffer property loss as a result of participating in a covered event. A UT Dallas employee must serve as event coordinator for any third party.