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Minor Construction Remodeling and Major Repairs - UTDBP3080

Policy Statement

Minor Construction, Remodeling and Major Repairs

From year to year, an institutional budget fund may be established to provide a limited amount of monies for minor construction, remodeling and major repairs. Such monies are expended on projects only after written approval of the Vice President for Administration has been received. Any work authorized in this manner will be limited to the amount of funds placed into this special account and will be performed as an institutional service (see "Institutional Services," this section).

Examples of projects which may be performed include, but are not limited to:

  • Rearrangement and redecorating of an office,
  • Remodeling of a suite of offices,
  • Rearrangement of a laboratory,
  • Construction of wall partitions,
  • Improvement of lighting facilities,
  • Rearrangement of classrooms, and
  • Installation of window darkening devices.

Requests for these projects should be sent to the Vice President for Administration, through the Physical Plant, by properly completing a Work Request form (see Exhibit G2), using the procedure "Request for Services," outlined in this section. This form should be signed by the department head (as the requestor). The Work Request form should be accompanied by a brief, but accurate statement of the work desired including sketches, descriptive materials, and additional sources of appropriate information.

The Physical Plant will make a thorough investigation of the request to include conferences with the requestor (if required) and will prepare a detailed project cost estimate. This information will then be forwarded to the Vice President for Administration for a final decision. If approved, work will be confined to what was actually authorized. Physical Plant personnel will work closely with the requesting department to ensure work is completed in a satisfactory, timely manner.

Further questions regarding this type of work may be directed to the Physical Plant (Ext. 2141).

Policy History

  • Issued: 1997-09-29
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