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Policy on Requirement for Vaccination against Bacterial Meningitis for Students Under the Age of 22 Registering for Courses - UTDPP1079

Policy Statement

The University of Texas at Dallas (University) complies with Texas Education Code 51.9191 and 51.9192, which requires all entering Texas college students, under the age of 22, must receive a vaccination or booster (if the vaccination is five years old) against bacterial meningitis before enrollment.


This policy applies to all University students under the age of 22 registering for courses taking place on campus.


This policy applies to all University students under the age of 22 registering for courses taking place on campus.


Covered Student: Any entering student under the age of 22 registering for courses taking place on campus.

Required Vaccination: A vaccination recognized by the US Center for Disease Control as effective for the immunization of an individual against bacterial meningitis.

Responsible Party: The University Registrar is designated by the University President to receive documentation required under this policy of Required Vaccination by each Covered Student or that person’s designee.

Related Statutes, Policies, Requirements or Standards

Texas Education Code, Subchapter Z, Chapter 51, Section 51.9192, Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Required for Certain Students; Exceptions.

19 TAC Part 1, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Chapter 21, Student Services. Subchapter T, The Vaccination against Bacterial Meningitis for Entering Students at Public and Private or Independent Institutions of Higher Education.


General Requirements:

  1. No Covered Students will be permitted to register for courses unless the Covered Student has provided written documentation that the Covered Student has received a Required Vaccination which has been approved by the Responsible Party as set forth in this policy at least ten (10) days prior to the first date upon which the Covered Student is permitted to register for courses.
  2. A Covered Student who submits documentation of a Required Vaccination that was administered later than ten days prior to its receipt by the Responsible Party must wait until ten days have passed before the student may be permitted to register.
  3. Documentation of the Required Vaccine must be approved by the Responsible Party or the Responsible Party’s designee for approval before a Covered Student is permitted to register.

Documentation of Required Vaccine; Form:

  1. Acceptable documentation is:
    1. a statement provided by physician or other health care provider authorized by law to administer the Required Vaccine;
    2. an official immunization record issued by a state or local health authority; or
    3. an official record received directly from a Texas school official or a school official in another state.
  2. Form of Documentation. The documentation submitted must:
    1. be in English:
    2. state the name and other information sufficient to identify the individual who received the Required Vaccination;
    3. clearly identify that the Required Vaccine was administered to the individual;
    4. state the month, date and year the Required Vaccine was administered; and,
    5. if the documentation is not an official immunization record or a school record received as described Subsection A(2) or (3) above, it must also include:
      1. the name, address, signature or stamp, state of licensure and license number of the physician or other health care provider who administered the Required Vaccination; or
      2. the name, address, signature or stamp of the public health official who administered the required Vaccination.

Exceptions: A Covered Student is exempted from the requirements of this policy if the Covered Student submits one of the following to the Responsible Party:

  1. an affidavit or certificate signed by a physician licensed to practice medicine in the United States that states that physician is of the opinion that the Required Vaccination would be injurious to the health and well-being of the Covered Student; or
  2. an affidavit on the form provided by the Texas Department of State Health Services (the Department)signed by the Covered Student stating that the Covered Student declines to have the Required Vaccination based on reasons of conscience, which may include the Covered Student’s religious beliefs.

However, this exception will not be available, at the discretion of the University, during a disaster or public health emergency, hostile or paramilitary action, or extraordinary law enforcement emergency declared by an appropriate official or authority from the Texas Department of State Health Services affecting the University.

The affidavit can be requested on-line from the Department at https://corequest.dshs.texas.gov/ or by mailing, hand delivering or faxing a request for an affidavit to the Department. Important: There may be a delay between the date of the request for the affidavit form and receipt of the form from the Department. Students who plan to request an exemption should make the request early enough to allow them to complete and notarize the affidavit prior to submission to the Required Party at the University. For more information, including a printable order form, see https://corequest.dshs.texas.gov/.

Policy History

  • Issued: January 1, 2012
  • Revised: December 10, 2015