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UT Dallas Policies (Recent Changes)

Policy Number Policy Title Last Update Actions
UTDBP3062 Motor Vehicles 2022-09-13
UTDBP3063 Bookstore 2022-09-09
UTDBP3073 Management of University Facilities 2022-09-09
UTDBP3102 Sexual Misconduct Policy 2022-11-08
UTDPP1006 Teaching Evaluation Policy 2022-10-19
UTDPP1013 Academic Program Review 2022-10-19
UTDPP1022 IDEA Committee 2022-10-19
UTDPP1079 Policy on Requirement for Vaccination against Bacterial Meningitis for Students Under the Age of 22 Registering for Courses 2022-11-08
UTDPP1118 Endowed Chairs, Professorships, and Fellowships 2022-09-09
UTDPP1119 Involuntary Withdrawal 2022-09-09